Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Went to Weight Watchers this morning.  Didn't stay for the meeting.  I was running late today but that's ok, CAUSE I KNEW I PUT ON A FEW POUNDS!! YES, MY FAULT. I have so many food allergies that it's hard to keep from EATING THE SUGAR FOODS.  I was SOOOOOOO glad I waited until the meeting had started to sneak in and weigh and leave. LOL LOL!!  It was a GOOD THING.  I got to talk to the lady that weighed me in.  She is an instructor also but on different days.  We talked and she and I have lots of the same food allergies and she looks GREAT. SOOOOOO, we talked awhile and we are going to talk more when I come back from my trip.  ANYHOW, I'm going to get ON TRACK and STAY ON TRACK AND LOOSE THESE EXTRA POUNDS I'M CARRYING AROUND.   When you CAN'T HAVE lots of the foods you turn to REAL SUGAR.
I can't have the sugar free stuff.  They are instant migraines, etc.  Then there's the real milk products and all the other products that I can't have.  That is WHEN I TURN TO GOOD OLE SUGAR.
 :-)   Never had so many food allergies in my life that I have now for several years.  GOT TO BE THAT JUNK THEY ARE PUTTING IN OUR FOODS.  Oh Well, I will get these pounds off.  Can't wait to get started.  My will power is there and I am going to NOT EAT SO MUCH & SO MANY SWEETS! I guess I will then have Sugar withdraws.  I WILL get through this and I WILL be good and EAT what I'm suppose to. 

It's dark, gloomy and raining here.  UGH!!  That's ok, I have work to do in the house and in my studio. 

I'm also still working on a doll.  I hope to finish her tonight or by tomorrow.   She's almost finished. All I have left to do is clothing and hair.  I will post a pic in mid Feb. for you to see her.  I have to do something else with her first and I will be away.

Everyone Have A Great Day!


chris mckinley said...

good for you for talking to someone at WW!! They always seem to have such great tips!! I am trying to get back on track.


vivian said...

me too.. gotta lose this weight!
have a great trip!