Thursday, October 23, 2008




I made Victoria WInter for the Holiday Seasons. She's hanging on the wall in my Studio right now BUT she will hang in my Living Room when I decorate for Christmas. Actually she could hang year round. MMMMMMMMMM!! maybe she will hang in my living room wall year round.
I'll be making more of her for the Holidays and sell them in my Perfume Shop.

Her face is a sculpt I did last year or maybe 2 years. Any how, her face is sculpted out of Pro Sculpt clay. I painted her face features. Her face is probably going to be a new pressmold as soon as I send her to Master Mold Maker Jeff. I'm so slow about doing anything anymore. There will be a body pattern and clothing for her also. The Pattern will be for a Litttle Girl Doll and not the Holiday Hanging. A THOUGHT!!! I guess I could put the Holiday Hanging instructions in with the Doll pattern as an Extra Bonus. I'll have to think on this one. :-)

OOOOOOO! My Studio is clean .......Well, it was until I started working on Victoria Winter and some other things. LOL LOL
Love & Hugs

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, my studio still isn't cleaned up. I went out and bought more large 3 drawer plastic cabinets. I MADE LOTS MORE WORK FOR MYSELF!!! LOL

I have books to put on the book shelves, file papers away, find places to put everything. hehehe
You know how we are ........ We have lots of stuff and go out and buy more stuff when we have no more room to put it. We Just Have To Go Shopping at Michael's, JoAnn's, ETC ETC ETC rather we need something or not. :-) I have two 50 % off coupons(cash register tapes) for Michael's that ends today and a 40 % coupon(flyer). I'm trying to be good and not go BUT OOOOOOOOOOO! How I hate not using them. I have JoAnn coupon also. OOOOOOOOO!!!! HOLD ME BACK!!! :-)

My studio is looking better BUT still have lots to do. Maybe after supper tonight I will finish cleaning and straightening out everything. I NEED to finish writing patterns and making dolls.

I best say GOOD BYE for now, I WILL BE BACK after my Studio is back together.
Love & Hugs

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm cleaning my VERY MESSY Studio so I can work on some new dolls, pattern, etc.
I should have my studio clean within the next hour. LOL I won't get to work on anything until tomorrow. Going out for supper with our daughter Brandi and our grandson Cain.

I couldn't read emails most of the day due to Cox was doing maintenance. I didn't have time to be on the computer today anyhow. :-) It was a good time for Cox to do maintenance.

Back to cleaning studio so I can get it finished.
More Another Day
Love & Hugs

Friday, October 10, 2008


You might have seen my snowmen and snowladies I posted on my blog last year. GOSH! it's been a year already, how time flies by. I have added a couple of new snowmen and snowladies to them. They are the same except done in different colors. I had request for patterns of my snowmen & snowladies so instead of patterns I am doing an on line class, which is best for making my Snowmen and Snowladies. You will find my Snowmen & Snowladies class on then click on Creative Collage and you will find the link to sign up for my class. You will find lots of other classes in the Creative Collage that are great.
Have Fun and I hope to see you in my Snowmen & Snowladies class.