Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Woke up to Snow, Thunder, Lighting and then just Snow. Baby It's Cold Outside!!!  The streets were covered but traffic melted it before I got a picture.  I was standing in our front door when I took this picture this morning.  Got pic of our van. Glad the car was inside the garage. Glad this snow went through fast and did not hang around for hours and hours.  Slowed down traffic and had lots of wreaks and traffic was at a stand still.  Lots of people trying to get to work this morning.  Took them a long time to get to work.  I'm not going anywhere this morning.  Was going to Weight Watchers this morning, didn't go.  Will go tomorrow. :-) 
Everyone have a Great Day!!  I'm going to work in my Studio most of the day.  
This was early when the snow started this morning.  Wish I had taken a picture with it snowing but my batteries died on me.  I should keep them in the recharger all the time when I'm not using them. I Guess.  Not sure about leaving them in the charger all the time when not using the camera.  Guess I should read up on that.

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Rhissanna said...

Heh! We went 14 miles to go to the dentist, got stuck there and had to take refuge overnight. Hubby's a good driver on snow, but this was freakishly slippery. Glad to know you were safe and yes, staying home was the right thing to do.