Monday, January 07, 2013


It's a New Year and a New Day!  We had fun while in Las Vegas visiting with Family and Friends.  It was fun bringing the New Year in in Las Vegas.  Watched the ball drop in New York 3 hours before Las Vegas brought the New Year in.  New York was 2013 while Vegas was still in 2012. LOL!!  Funny, part of the USA was celebrating 2013 while part of the USA was still living in 2012. Watched the New Year in Vegas and went to bed. :-)   

I played a little bit of catch up on Facebook this morning.  Took the oraments off our Christmas tree.  Ken will have to take the tree a part.  It's too tall and big for me to pull each section apart.  I took most of the Christmas decorations down last night and more this morning. 

NOW! It's down to business.  I have lots of creations to create.  Working on new dolls, etc.  Have new patterns to finish drawing and print.  Pictures to take for the pattern covers. 

My hubby loves to travel and we will be going to Florida to see our Aunt Jean and then get on a cruise ship for 7 days.

I will be teaching at All Dolls Are Art  Conference July 24-28, 2013

 I will be teaching:

Here Are Some Other Dolls I have Made With My Pattern:

There's all kinds of ways you can and will dress your doll in class.  Looking forward to seeing all the dolls that come out of my class.  This is a FUN DOLL & CLASS.  HOPE TO SEE YOU IN CLASS AT "ALL DOLLS ARE ART"   Check out ALL DOLLS ARE ART site.



vivian said...

you certainly do get to travel alot... lucky you!!!
your dolls are delightful! I wish I lived nearby so I could come create with you.
Happy new year Frannie!

Chris said...

You make such lovely doll clothes, Fran! Other people think that dolls are just for kids. Vintage dolls, for instance, are valuable items that can be found in antique shops. My aunt has that interest with dolls and doll accessories. She believes that their value will increase as time goes forward.

Chris Jeffery