Thursday, March 31, 2011


My hubby and our cat Kat have moved to Texas as some of you know.  NOPE everything isn't in it's place yet. LOL  I think it is going to take quite awhile before everything is done and in it's place.  I'm still painting walls. Way too much to do.  Little by little it will get finished. RIGHT??????  LOL!!!

I also have a new email addy:    My old email doesn't work anymore.   Here in Texas we don't have Cox TV, etc.  Sooooooo,  closed Cox TV account in Vegas and email addy went with it.  OH! WELL!   Everything is working out. 

Kat did loose 2 pounds on our move.  I'm sure he will find it again since he is eating lots more now.  He's my sweetie.  His coat is so much shinier now.  I think it much be the humidity here in Texas.  Las Vegas had 0 humidity most of the time.  We all dried out there.  LOL!!  I do miss Las Vegas,  I miss our daughter Brandi and our grandson Cain and our friends.  My eyes tear up when I think about them.  I miss our other children also.  They live in PA, NY, CT, NV & TX.   That's 5 different states they live in.  We have 2 sons and 5 grand kids that live here in Texas.   Wish it was like it used to be when families lived in their hometowns.  Life sure does change.  Sometimes not for the better but that's life.  Have to go with the flow. Life is Good!!!  Will get to see most of them in June when we go to PA for our Granddaughter Brittany's graduation.  GOSH! She's 18 and graduating from High School. My how time flies.  I'm making her a mask for her Prom.  And making one of her friend's a mask also.  I'll have to take pics of them after I make them.  OH GOSH! What box is my camera packed in.????? The girls will have to take pictures of themselves so I can see what they look like with their masks on.

I really shouldn't be on this computer BUT I'm so tried of working on/in this house.  Not really but am tried of working on it right now. :-)   It's wearing me out.  I need a break from it.

I got work to do for my classes, etc at AFIC 2011.  Now that will be fun and relaxing.  I haven't created a doll in several months.  I'm itching to make several new dolls.  BUT FOR NOW I will work on patterns and press mold instructions for the 2 new dolls I made sometime ago that will debut at AFIC
I will also be demonstrating how to use my new press molds and Resin Half Doll.  Have to finish the patterns.  Time is getting closer to time for AFIC 2011.  Hope to see some of you there.  I still have room in my classes for more students.

I guess I have been on here long enough.  I have to go back to painting the master bedroom bathroom.  Not wanting to but have to. LOL

Everyone have a Fantastic Day!
Love & Hugs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi Everyone,
As some of you know my husband and I have been going back and forth to Texas a lot this year.  We bought a house in Texas and we closed on it and we just move into it.  Lots and Lots of boxes all around in every room.  It's going to take awhile to sit up everything.  We have lots done but still have lots and lots to do. 

My hubby sit my computer up.  It finally got out of it's box since I got it for Christmas.  It's up and running and I love it.  Still have to add stuff to it. 

I DO NOT WANT TO EVER HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN!!!!  I THINK I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS. ROFL!!!  NOT!!! BUT SURE DO FEEL LIKE IT!!!  Not much sleep the last month or so.  Way too much had to be done.  Finding the house was a process and what an adventure it was.  Found one house and love it.  It was the PERFECT house.  Few days before closing we got a call saying the sellers have a litigation against the house we can't close yet.  They let us go into contract knowing there was a litigation on the house. The seller were forclosed on and the Realtor that had it listed didn't tell us.  I suppose they were hoping it would get cleared up before closing.  We didn't get that PERFECT house SOOOOOOOO! BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!  Lots of trips were made during this time.  Back to Texas to look at more houses.  Found THIS ONE AND CLOSE IN A FEW WEEKS!!! YES went back to Vegas to pack up our house and move to TEXAS  WOOOHOOO!!! Not THE PERFECT HOUSE BUT THE NEXT THING TO IT!!!   We are happy with it and will be really really happy when it's all sit up and all boxes are empty.  I have more black and blue and green marks on me.  Packing, Moving and Unpacking is dangerous; at least it is for me. LOL LOL!!!  OH! We will look back on these days and laugh about it.  Just another adventure in our lives.

If it wasn't for all our adventures through out our lives it would be boring I suppose.  Well, my house OOOPS! EYES are getting heavy.  Think they are telling me it's time to go to bed.  NIGHTY NIGHTY ALL!!
Love & Hugs

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My life has been very busy for the past several months and longer.  To make a long story short my hubby and I and our cat are moving to Texas.  We have made several trips to Texas this year and it has taken alot of my creating time from me. :-(   BUT it will be worth it when we get moved in and our lives back on track.
As I type we are packing up the house. 

I will have a lap top until I get my computer back online.  WOOOHOOO!!!   Another Jounery begins this weekend.  Of course it will take time to get the new house sit up, etc etc etc.  

I will also be teaching at AFIC  this year.  April, 29 - May 1
Can't wait.  It's a FANTASTIC WONDERFUL CONFERENCE.   Hope to see some of you there.
Lots of wonderful teachers teaching.  Take a look at all the fantastic classes and check out everything that will be going on at AFIC.

Got to get back to packing.  OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My studio is going to be something else to pack up but got lots of help. Thank Goodness.