Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today has been a busy day. Got up this morning and NO SUNSHINE just lots of gloomy wet fog.  News said, it would burn off but it's 4:30 P.M. and GUESS WHAT?  Still Foggy.  I guess the weather was wrong, Yet Again!. LOL!!  Went shopping anyhow.  Came home put groceries away and then started adding more clay to my doll.  Just put a load of laundry in the dryer and another in the washer.  Thought I would take a break.  :-)  Hopefully the clay dries enough for me to sand it a little bit, if not will sand it tomorrow.

Hope the Sun is Shinning where you are.  OH! and it's only 49 degrees here.  The temps are crazy.  One day in the 70's and next day in the 40's. 

WOOOHOOO!! Our bedroom now has wood flooring.  OOOOOO! They are so easy to take care of.  I really don't like carpet even though it is soft to walk on.  You can never get all the dirt out of the nap. Now 2 more rooms get wood flooring and this house is finished. LOL LOL Unless we find something else to do to it.  GOSH!! It's almost been 2 years since we moved in.  TIME DOES FLY BY!! 

That's what I'm up to.   What Are You Up To??????? :-)



vivian said...

I bet the floor is pretty Fran. we have hardwood floors but they are 100 years old. I have a big area rug in the living room and a small one in my craft room. These floors are pretty beat and need to be redone.. but it'll never happen.
I've been cleaning all day. never got to cleaning my craft room so Im thinking of working in there tonight.
If I ever get off the computer.
see ya later

Perfectly Printed said...

I'm with you....hardwood floors are the best!!Sounds like a productive day!!