Monday, January 21, 2013


Just updating what I'm doing.  I said, it would be awhile and it's going to be longer than I thought before I finish what I'm working on.  Probably won't be finished with it until some time in Feb.  I am working on it today.  I really can't wait to finish it. :-) 

I'm also working on other creations to.  I told you I was a Multi-Tasker.  I really am and I know I'm not alone in Multi-Tasking. RIGHT?????? I KNOW there's LOTS more of US out there. :-)

Just wanted to jump on and post so everyone would know I'm still around just trying to work on creations.  Also working on moving stuff out of our bedroom so the men can put wood flooring in our bedroom in a couple of days from now.   Also am going away for awhile and won't get to work on anything BUT will have a nice time seeing our Aunt Jean and others.  Also will be on a cruise. (I think I will take something to work on while in our cabin).  Then back home and I will lock myself in my studios so I can finish everything. I have to tell my hubby I refuse to come out of my studios and go anywhere. LOL LOL!!  I need MORE creating time.  :-)

Just a little update so y'all won't think I'm missing.  :-)

Back to stuffing. 

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vivian said...

Youre such a traveling girl! lucky you! I never go anywhere. Actually I've been basically home alone for 3 days.. in my craft room most of the time... I actually think I'm a little tried of it. might almost be looking forward to going to work tomorrow! lol
have fun