Sunday, June 06, 2010


I typed stuff & put a picture in before I added this picture of MISS PRISSY PINCUSHIONS. I couldn't get this picture to go to the bottom of this post. LOL !! Perhaps one can't add a picture to the bottom after they have typed in a post. ????? There's more text below this picture.

I'm posting a pic of Miss Prissy Pincushion as she is a new but oldie creation of mine. I actually created her 5 years ago and didn't do anything with her until now. I decided to teach a mini class at EDAC so I thought of Miss Prissy Pincushion. Well, I now have 6 Miss Prissy Pincushions sitting on my work table looking at me as I type this. It's ok that I made so many Miss Prissy Pincushions because one is going to be given away at my mini class and I'll put the others on my sales table. I do have an Esty Shop but there's nothing for sale on it right now. I must start putting items on my Esty shop soon. I over extend myself all the time. I wouldn't know what to think if I didn't have lots of things going on at once. LOL! That's ME! and I think there's a lot of you out there that are just like me, RIGHT? LOL!

I'm publishing her PATTERN for sure (she already is in pattern form BUT not up for sale yet. AND I plan on selling her as KITS with all parts and instructions. This will take place probably in early AUG. or BEFORE AUG. MMMMMMMM!!! I'm having way too much fun creating lots of Miss Prissy Pincushions, patterns and Kits.

I did post her in a post before but didn't tell anyone about my post. Thought you would like to take a look at her/them. That's just 3 of them in the picture above. The other 3 didn't want their picture taken. LOL

This is the picture I posted first and couldn't move it.

I really am tempted to make more. They are all different. I have so much fun creating them. I messed up and wasn't going to delete and redo. Now I know I can't add a picture after I type in sentences. Soooooooooo, I learned something new today. :-) Love & Hugs, Fran

Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm teaching a Mini Class at EDAC in July. Below you will see the Mini Class I'm teaching. I had SOOOOOOOOOOO! MUCH FUN creating her. I could sit for hours making Miss Prissy Pincushions. I made 5 Miss Prissy Pincushions. After my Mini Class ends; One of my students will WIN "MISS PRISSY PINCUSHION" Miss Prissy Pincushion loves hanging out in my studio and watching me create more and more of her. :-)

MEET "MISS PRISSY PINCUSHION" I'm making up kits for my Miss Prissy Pincushion Mini Class. I also am getting lots of stuff together for my Sales Table at EDAC. Got lots and lots of work to do. Tha't another reason I'm so quite and haven't been posting much. (the other reason is....My SINUES are KILLING ME.) After EDAC is over and I'm back home; I will start on lots of new creations and old creations. :-) It's going to hit 102 degrees here today. It went from the 70 & 80 degrees to the100's. It skipped the 90's all together. !! THAT'S VEGAS!!
I really really HATE the HOT WEATHER HERE!! I stay in doors as much as possible. :-)
P.S. Miss Prissy Pincuhion pattern and instructions will be FOR SALE in Pattern form in early August, 2010 AND Miss Prissy Pincushion Kits will be available also.
More Later,
Love & Hugs

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


ARTISTIC FIGURES IN CLOTH is a conference held every other year in Columbus, Ohio. It is a FANTASTIC conference. Great line up of teachers. Check out the teachers. YES :-) I'm one of the teachers for AFIC 2011. OH! and while you are in the site check out Cyndys Dolls. Her work is FANTASTIC!! So are the doll club members dolls.
Lots to see on Cyndy's site.
More Later,
Love & Hugs