Wednesday, November 26, 2008



We are celebrating with family and friends. I'm looking forward to eating turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, corn, slaw, pies, drinks and lots of other foods.
Well, there goes the diet. hehehehe!!! OH WELL!!

It's RAINNING here in Las Vegas. The rain started last night and still rainning. Supposed to rain on Thanksgiving Day. BUT we REALLY REALLY needed this slow all night all day rain. You know it's a DESERT and it's dusty and dry. Just ask my allegries????? :-)

Going out tonight to the Grand China for supper. We don't have to go far, it's right across the street from our development. My husband Ken said, he needs HOT Sweet N Sour soup to burn the allergies out of his nose. hehehehe!! That will DO IT!! Probably see flames shooting out his ears to. Our grandson Cain is spending the night with us tonight. He is going to help us cook the Turkey. Sure ......he is going to get up really early in the morning with Grandma and Grandpa and put a turkey in the oven. I'm laughing :-) because getting him up really early on a day off from school just NOT going to happen. He gets up really early on school days as it is. Maybe we will make some cookies and maybe some other goodies after he wakes up. Grandpa wants him to watch the Thanksgiving Parade with him.

I better get off this computer and finish cleaning house. Don't want tomorrow's guest see a messy house. ;-)
Love & Hugs

Friday, November 14, 2008


WOOOHOOO!! I have a new shop online. Check it out;
You know what's so sad about it???? I have had it for over a year and just put my first item for sale on it today. :-) I know, I'm bad. hehehe. I will be putting other items up for sale. Everything I will be selling in my Etsy shop is Handmade my me.
Hope you enjoy my shop even though it's only got one item in it right now. :-)

Stay tuned for updates when I put new items in my Etsy Shop.
Love & Hugs

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's a picture of my Birthday Cake (Cheese Cake, we added strawberries and whipped cream after I blew out the candles in one breath) with Candles burning. :-0 I BLEW EVERYONE OF THEM OUT!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I still got it. LOL My husband wasn't going to put all the candles on this year BUT I told him yes I want all my candles plus the one to grow on and the one for good luck. I have to make a wish and blow all of them out. I want all my candles on all my birthday cakes. When I can't blow them out then I'll think about that one. LOL!! My son-in-law said, WOW you blew them all out in one breath, good lungs. I guess but sometimes I don't feel like good lungs. LOL
My hubby didn't get a picture of me blowing all my candles out. He got a picture of me looking at the cake but didn't get the cake in that picture either. I told him,hewas fired from taking pictures of my birthday next year. LOL LOL
It was GREAT & FUN Birthday. Went to OutBack for supper. YUMMY!!!
Love & Hugs


It's My Birthday today. My husband made me breakfast. My grandson Cain spent the night with us. My husband and Cain served Large Cinnamon Rolls with candles and sang Happy Birthday to me. :-) Very cute and nice of them. I got lots of Birthday phone calls from our kids, grandkids and friends. Nice way to start the day. :-)

I went to Art Quilt, Etc. meeting. We had show and tell (I took 3 dolls to show & tell). Then we had one of the lady's teaching a beading class. I stayed for that and had a nice time. Now I'm home and my COMPUTER WORKS!!! HURRAY!!! It has been bad the past few days. Hope it keeps working right. I guess it's nice because it's my birthday????? LOL LOL!!!

My husband, our daughter, her husband, our grandson Cain, my sister in law and brother in law are taking me out to eat at Out Back for supper. Then we will come back to our house and have my cake with all those candles. My grandson Cain said, Grandma we will have to have the fire dept. standing by. LOL LOL!!

NOPE! no pictures. Well, not yet. Tonight they will take pictures. I'll post a picture or two tonight or tomorrow.
Love & Hugs

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Look how large some of my roses are in November. When it's cooler in Vegas the roses show it proudly BUT when it's HOT they don't like Vegas Heat; they get much smaller. My white roses never open all the way EXCEPT for now. I kept looking at them on my rose bushes and I had to go cut them and show them off. I have had them in my house for 4 days now and they are still BEAUTIFUL!!! They smell so sweet. **Click on the picture of my roses and it will enlarge. You will see small drops of rain on them. We had a small shower before I went outside to cut them. That's another thing we don't see much of "RAIN".

All my rose bushes are blooming right now. Lots of new growth going on. We usually get roses for Christmas. I'm hoping for a vase full at Christmas.

Monday, November 03, 2008


GYPSY CHALLENGE DOLL I MADE. Her name is "Jessenia". I needled sculpted her face and hands with nylon stocking. her face features are painted on. Body is wire armature wrapped. Feet/Shoes are sculpted out of Paperclay and pieces of silk fabric with Paverpol brushed on the silk fabric. Her head dress is made of silk and beads. Her dress is made of silk.

IN CELEBRATION OF THE DOLL 2008. I MADE: "Dancine Faith" Her face is sculpted out of Prosculpt clay. Her body is cloth with paper, fancy fibers, etc. mod podged on. There's lots of other techniques used on her. I also teach "Dancine"

These two dolls are at the International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas. All the dolls in the show are WONDERFUL. Check out these pictures: Lots of Eye Candy .
Love & Hugs

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here's a couple of pictures of my grandson Cain dressed as the Joker last night Trick or Treating.

The mask he is holding in front of his face is a sucker grandma and grandpa bought him for Halloween. It's a Strawberry sucker, should last him awhile. O! MY! he got loads and loads of candy. I think he went every where. LOL LOL The best was when he went to one house, the man ran out of candy and gave him a dollar. :-)

We had lots of Trick or Treaters last night. The best costume besides my grandson Cain :-) was "Jack In The Box" It was FANTASTIC. I laughed this litttle boy about 3 years old was dressed as a policeman and his daddy was dressed in a orange prison jump suit. LOL
Love & Hugs