Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Went to Weight Watchers this morning.  Didn't stay for the meeting.  I was running late today but that's ok, CAUSE I KNEW I PUT ON A FEW POUNDS!! YES, MY FAULT. I have so many food allergies that it's hard to keep from EATING THE SUGAR FOODS.  I was SOOOOOOO glad I waited until the meeting had started to sneak in and weigh and leave. LOL LOL!!  It was a GOOD THING.  I got to talk to the lady that weighed me in.  She is an instructor also but on different days.  We talked and she and I have lots of the same food allergies and she looks GREAT. SOOOOOO, we talked awhile and we are going to talk more when I come back from my trip.  ANYHOW, I'm going to get ON TRACK and STAY ON TRACK AND LOOSE THESE EXTRA POUNDS I'M CARRYING AROUND.   When you CAN'T HAVE lots of the foods you turn to REAL SUGAR.
I can't have the sugar free stuff.  They are instant migraines, etc.  Then there's the real milk products and all the other products that I can't have.  That is WHEN I TURN TO GOOD OLE SUGAR.
 :-)   Never had so many food allergies in my life that I have now for several years.  GOT TO BE THAT JUNK THEY ARE PUTTING IN OUR FOODS.  Oh Well, I will get these pounds off.  Can't wait to get started.  My will power is there and I am going to NOT EAT SO MUCH & SO MANY SWEETS! I guess I will then have Sugar withdraws.  I WILL get through this and I WILL be good and EAT what I'm suppose to. 

It's dark, gloomy and raining here.  UGH!!  That's ok, I have work to do in the house and in my studio. 

I'm also still working on a doll.  I hope to finish her tonight or by tomorrow.   She's almost finished. All I have left to do is clothing and hair.  I will post a pic in mid Feb. for you to see her.  I have to do something else with her first and I will be away.

Everyone Have A Great Day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today has been a busy day. Got up this morning and NO SUNSHINE just lots of gloomy wet fog.  News said, it would burn off but it's 4:30 P.M. and GUESS WHAT?  Still Foggy.  I guess the weather was wrong, Yet Again!. LOL!!  Went shopping anyhow.  Came home put groceries away and then started adding more clay to my doll.  Just put a load of laundry in the dryer and another in the washer.  Thought I would take a break.  :-)  Hopefully the clay dries enough for me to sand it a little bit, if not will sand it tomorrow.

Hope the Sun is Shinning where you are.  OH! and it's only 49 degrees here.  The temps are crazy.  One day in the 70's and next day in the 40's. 

WOOOHOOO!! Our bedroom now has wood flooring.  OOOOOO! They are so easy to take care of.  I really don't like carpet even though it is soft to walk on.  You can never get all the dirt out of the nap. Now 2 more rooms get wood flooring and this house is finished. LOL LOL Unless we find something else to do to it.  GOSH!! It's almost been 2 years since we moved in.  TIME DOES FLY BY!! 

That's what I'm up to.   What Are You Up To??????? :-)


Monday, January 21, 2013


Just updating what I'm doing.  I said, it would be awhile and it's going to be longer than I thought before I finish what I'm working on.  Probably won't be finished with it until some time in Feb.  I am working on it today.  I really can't wait to finish it. :-) 

I'm also working on other creations to.  I told you I was a Multi-Tasker.  I really am and I know I'm not alone in Multi-Tasking. RIGHT?????? I KNOW there's LOTS more of US out there. :-)

Just wanted to jump on and post so everyone would know I'm still around just trying to work on creations.  Also working on moving stuff out of our bedroom so the men can put wood flooring in our bedroom in a couple of days from now.   Also am going away for awhile and won't get to work on anything BUT will have a nice time seeing our Aunt Jean and others.  Also will be on a cruise. (I think I will take something to work on while in our cabin).  Then back home and I will lock myself in my studios so I can finish everything. I have to tell my hubby I refuse to come out of my studios and go anywhere. LOL LOL!!  I need MORE creating time.  :-)

Just a little update so y'all won't think I'm missing.  :-)

Back to stuffing. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Woke up to Snow, Thunder, Lighting and then just Snow. Baby It's Cold Outside!!!  The streets were covered but traffic melted it before I got a picture.  I was standing in our front door when I took this picture this morning.  Got pic of our van. Glad the car was inside the garage. Glad this snow went through fast and did not hang around for hours and hours.  Slowed down traffic and had lots of wreaks and traffic was at a stand still.  Lots of people trying to get to work this morning.  Took them a long time to get to work.  I'm not going anywhere this morning.  Was going to Weight Watchers this morning, didn't go.  Will go tomorrow. :-) 
Everyone have a Great Day!!  I'm going to work in my Studio most of the day.  
This was early when the snow started this morning.  Wish I had taken a picture with it snowing but my batteries died on me.  I should keep them in the recharger all the time when I'm not using them. I Guess.  Not sure about leaving them in the charger all the time when not using the camera.  Guess I should read up on that.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Just a little note to let all of you know I won't be posting on my blog for a few days.  I have a very important project I am working on and have to put all my attention on it for a few days.  I will post a picture after I have finished it.  It might be awhile before I post the picture because I have to do something else with it first.  :-)  It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time and now I can do it.  I know I know, I'm keeping a secret and teasing y'all with it by not telling what I'm doing.
I promise when it's finished I will post and post a picture of it.  
Will post an update in a few days AND will look at your blogs also.  I will need breaks from time to time AND the best thing to do is check up on your blogs. Love reading your blogs.  It's going to take more than a few days to totally finish my project.  I'll be on and off the computer.........NO WAY I CAN TOTALLY STAY OFF THE COMPUTER! LOL LOL  I think everyone feels that way about the computer. :-)

Monday, January 07, 2013


It's a New Year and a New Day!  We had fun while in Las Vegas visiting with Family and Friends.  It was fun bringing the New Year in in Las Vegas.  Watched the ball drop in New York 3 hours before Las Vegas brought the New Year in.  New York was 2013 while Vegas was still in 2012. LOL!!  Funny, part of the USA was celebrating 2013 while part of the USA was still living in 2012. Watched the New Year in Vegas and went to bed. :-)   

I played a little bit of catch up on Facebook this morning.  Took the oraments off our Christmas tree.  Ken will have to take the tree a part.  It's too tall and big for me to pull each section apart.  I took most of the Christmas decorations down last night and more this morning. 

NOW! It's down to business.  I have lots of creations to create.  Working on new dolls, etc.  Have new patterns to finish drawing and print.  Pictures to take for the pattern covers. 

My hubby loves to travel and we will be going to Florida to see our Aunt Jean and then get on a cruise ship for 7 days.

I will be teaching at All Dolls Are Art  Conference July 24-28, 2013

 I will be teaching:

Here Are Some Other Dolls I have Made With My Pattern:

There's all kinds of ways you can and will dress your doll in class.  Looking forward to seeing all the dolls that come out of my class.  This is a FUN DOLL & CLASS.  HOPE TO SEE YOU IN CLASS AT "ALL DOLLS ARE ART"   Check out ALL DOLLS ARE ART site.  www.alldollart.com


Saturday, January 05, 2013


I'm home from visiting our children that live in Las Vegas, NV.  It was a nice trip.  The weather was cold but that was okay.  Had a good time with family and friends.
Some of my friends from our Doll Club "Las Vegas Silver Doll-Ers" took me to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was sooooooooooooooooo good to see and talk with some of my friends.  I REALLY MISS THEM.  Made me wish I was still there but I'm Happy here in Texas.  We have lots of family here.  I LOVE TEXAS. The waiter even let me take one of the menu's home with me.  I collect menu's everywhere I go. :-)   The Cheescake Factory Menu is great.  Lots and lots of pages.  It's like a wire bound book. :-)  
Supper is ready so I'm going to go eat.  Will post on my Facebook later this evening.  I have lots and lots and lots of thing to catch up on.    Our internet was down when we came home.  Verizon had to come out last night and replace all their equipment.  It was not good.  NOW our computers are really fast.  It should have been that way when we first had Verizon put in our house.  The box was bad right from the beginning and then it went when we were gone.  GOODY!! Now it's fast as lighting. LOL LOL!!!  Love it!!
More Later