Friday, August 29, 2008


I made a new Dancine. I gave the original Dancine away to one of my students. I will be teaching Dancine next weekend Sept 6 & 7 in Indiana. I'm looking forward to seeing Nita and the others. We are going to have lots of FUN!!! Dancine is ready to travel. Full View of Dancine
Another Full View of Dancine

Close Up View of Dancine

Hope y'all enjoyed looking at Dancine. She's a lot of fun to make. Yeah I'm going to post a little plug here. hehehehe. If any one would like me to teach Dancine or any of my other dolls, please contact me at PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON IT HERE, IT GOES THROUGH OUTLOOK AND I DON'T GET MAIL THROUGH OUTLOOK. PLEASE RE TYPE MY EMAIL ADDY IN YOUR EMAIL. THANKS.

My camera isn't taking very good pictures for some reason or other. Seems they are a bit out of focus when you click on them to make them larger.
Luv & Hugs

Friday, August 22, 2008


Barbara of 123 Lavender Lollipop Lane gave me this Award. Check out Barbara's Blog. Click on her site on my blog to your right.

Barbara, Thank You for such a Wonderful Award

I'm supposed to pass this award on to 7 other people. You will find their blog addys on my blog on the right side under LINKS. Each one of these 7 artists are very talented so go check them out. :-)



Catie Ann




Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm posting pictures of Pin Keep swap I joined in on Vivian's blog. What FUN this swap was. Wish I could do the Halloween Swap BUT I can't, I'm way to busy. :-( Hopefully I can join in on the next swap Vivian host. I think Vivian is the Queen of Swaps. Go check out Vivian's blog and swaps. Click on Vivian's name in my list of blogs. You will love looking at her blog and some of the other blogs.

Fairy Pincushion I made for Catie. She's one of my Fairy Pincushions. Heart Pincushion Catie made for me. It's sitting on my sewing machine. I LOVE IT!!! Thank You again Catie. I enjoyed having you as my swap partner for the Pin Keep Swap.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hi All,
Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. Life does get in the way sometimes. Sometimes more than we want it to but that's life. :-) My daughter Nicole, her husband Randy and kids (my grandkids) Brittany, Cameron and Shawn are on their way to PA with a big rental truck and 2 cars. They are moving to PA. YES, MY HEART IS BROKEN!!! I MISS THEM. :-( They are in Texas seeing my sons Kevin, Kenny and families. They will stop in Kentucky and see our family and then onto PA. Randy's family lives in PA and so does 2 of my other daughters Angela & Michele and grandkids.

I have pictures of a Pin Keep Swap I was in. I will post them tomorrow. Vivian if you are reading this I will send pictures of Catie's Pin Keep she made me.

I'm working on finishing a few dolls that have to go in the mail for a display, a challenge and for teaching. I have a couple of RR Recipe Journals I have to mail tomorrow while my hubby and I are out shopping. It's really to0 HOT here in Vegas to go shopping BUT one has to get out in that HOT TEMPS if they want to shop. :-) Hope I don't melt while shopping and if I do I hope I melt into CHOCOLATE. hehehehehe. Just a little humor. :-)
More Later
Love & Hugs