Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I haven't been posting because I've been busy with life and finishing a few new patterns and pressmolds. I also have had lots of computer and printer problems; all are solved now after 2 new printers. I LOVE my new HP All In One Printer. It does everything I need it to. shhhhhhhhh! I can't say that very loud. :-)

Below you will see "Lil Jester Within My Soul" one in purple and one in green. They are from the same pattern and pressmold. Pressmold is INCLUDED in the pattern. Pattern Finished

Below Lil Jester Within My Soul, you will see "Lil Ladies Within My Soul", there are 3 Lil Ladies in the picture (showing different outfits). You can go to my picturetrail site and see more Lil Ladies dressed in different ways. Pattern Finished

You will see "Melinda", she is created in all cloth and painted on face. There will be little boys in this series of Little Girls & Boys patterns. I have to finish the pattern instructions for Melinda and then her pattern is finished. I made Melinda some time ago along with a few other little girl dolls in this series. I will post more Little Girls and Little Boys from this series as I create them.





Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We arrived home from Florida late Monday night. It was a wonderful trip. Got to spend lots of time with family. Everyone had a wonderful time. I FORGOT my camera at home BUT one of our nieces took pictures and she is emailing pictures to us. I think my husband said, she already sent them via email to him. Now I have to wait for him to send them to my computer. :-) Me and the camera don't get along, I think, I don't like carrying it. hehehe!! It was a mental block !!! :-)

I didn't do too much yesterday but unpack, wash clothes, put them away, etc etc etc................All the normal stuff you have to do after coming home from a trip. Thank goodness I left the house clean when we left. I love coming home to a clean house after a long trip. That kinda sounds like maybe I don't always come home to a clean house. hehehehe. Kat(our cat) was glad to see us. My brother in law came over eveyday to take care of him and get the mail.

Monday night I went to get on the computer :-) BUT it was down!! Both computers in our house were down. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Ken got them running but mine had problems before we left. The printer was doing weird things. Now I have a new printer and my computer is working.SHHHhhhhhhhhh!!! I can't say that too loud. LOL Now I can get rest of my patterns printed, pictures for the pattern covers printed, etc. I will go out to the printer today and get all the other parts of the patterns I had them print. I like printing my pictures at home on my printer. These patterns have been A LONG TIME getting finished. Life sure does get in the way a lot sometimes. I had my share for awhile, I hope and pray. ALTHOUGH, when we got home and looked through the mail..........GRRRRRRR! There was a Jury Summons for me for March 12th. I have to call the night before to see if my badge number is in the group that has to go. I had to do this 3 months ago and my badge number wasn't in the group then. BUT it probably will be this time. :-) Oh Well!, will do my duty BUT I'd rather be in my studio CREATING!!!

Of course I have lots of other things to work on today. I think it would scare me if I didn't have something I HAD to do. :-) I'm off to work on a new doll and put her/him in pattern form.

Everyone Have A Wonderful Day, I AM!!
Love & Hugs

Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm going out of town until Monday Feb. 9th. Going to Florida with my husband to visit family.
I won't have a computer unless some of the family has a computer. :-) I think I shall live if they don't have a computer I can get on. hehehehehe!!!
I'm taking stuff to work on. I have an article to write so that will keep me busy because I'm not a writer. :-) I write the way I talk. :-) I'm taking pattern work with me also; writing my pattern instructions. SEE!! I'm writing again. LOL LOL!!! Pattern directions; I can write. VBG!
Until Feb. 9th or shall I say Until Feb. 10th there won't be any posting from me.
Everyone have a Creative week and will check blogs when I get back.
Love & Hugs