Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Returned home late last night from our vacation and cruise.  It was great seeing Aunt Jean and other family members.  Spend 3 days with them and then went on a cruise.  NOPE wasn't the cruise ship that was stranged in the ocean.  I really feel bad for all those people.  Hope they all return home safe and sound.   We had a great time.  Will post pictures of the curise later.

I finished a new doll before we left for our vacation.  I will post pictures of my new creation later tonight or tomorrow.   I would love all of your opinions on my new doll....Should I sell her as a pattern or teach her as a class?  I have been leaning more towards selling my new doll as a pattern. BUT I REALLY WOULD LOVE YOUR OPINIONS WHEN I POST MY NEW DOLL. 
Please check back to see pictures of my new doll. 
Thank you & Hugs

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