Tuesday, May 31, 2011


WOW! seems like the days are going by so fast.  6 months has gone by as of tomorrow. WOW!!  half of 2011 gone right by me.  I know I have done a lot this year and still have lots to do. 

My studios are almost finished and I will be creating new dolls again soon. WOOOHOOO!!!  Still have things to do in the house.  We have to stain kitchen cabinets, put in new counter tops and a new double sink.  Living room, we want to take the carpet out and put hardwood flooring in and a wooden fireplace mantel. It already has tile facing and hearth. Maybe we will paint some more walls but not sure about that.  The off white works right now. Might add colorful borders to the guest room or wallpaper on one wall or paint it colors.  Not sure yet. I LOVE COLOR!  Don't care for white or off white walls.  See where I'm going, don't ya? LOLDo you see my head spinning? hehehe!! GEEEZZZZZ!!  I keep thinking and I could be working on this house for another 6 months or longer. Brain has to shut off but won't.  LOL LOL!!
Love & Hugs

Monday, May 30, 2011


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO EVERYONE!!  THANKS, LOVE & PRAYERS TO ALL OUR MILITARY  WHOM ARE KEEPING US & OUR WORLD SAFE AND WHOM FOUGHT IN ALL OUR WARS. MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL AND THEIR FAMILIES.  I met a young man while at AFIC and he was home on leave BUT was going back oversea for another tour.  He was proud and happy to go back so he could help keep all of us safe so all of us could keep doing what we do.  My heart goes out to him and all of our military people.

Hope all had a Happy Memorial Day.  We did, we went to one of our son's house for a Bar-B-Q yesterday because he had to go out of town on business this morning.   Everyone had a great time.
Fun day with the kids, grandkids and friends.

Up Date On My Studio & House:  We ALMOST have my studios and house sit up and ready to start creating again.  Well, my studios are just about finished.  We still have some things to do to the house, like put hardwood flooring in the living room, stain the kitchen cabinets, put new counter tops in, new kitchen double sink and then we will be finished.  WOOOHOOO!!  Of course it's going to take a couple of months or so to do all that.  Then we can sit back an enjoy it all.  Maybe by Christmas it will all be finished. LOL LOL!!!
Love & Hugs

Friday, May 27, 2011


All my followers on my blog are missing and when I go to other blogs their followers are missing also.  Does anyone know what's going on with our followers????