Thursday, June 30, 2011


I really think I messed up when I changed the look of my Blog.  I like the look BUT I have 2 accounts and forgot my passwords.  Now I finally got this one back.  Don't care about the other one because I never use it.  BUT it took me forever to get back on this one.  SEE I TOLD YOU I'M BAD WHEN IT COMES TO DOING STUFF ON COMPUTERS.   GOT TO WATCH ME AT ALL TIMES.  Now this is why I need my son and/or hubby to be here when I mess up. LOL LOL!!

Not putting Kodak in after this mess up.  Hubby will be home and I will ask him what to do now that I have the Kodak disk.  Not sure if I'm supposed to even use the Kodak disk. 

I will learn how to use this new computer yet!! YES I WILL!  It has lots of good programs in it.  Now I have to learn how to use it also.  MMMMMmmmmmmm!!   Sounds like I need a class in how to use my computer and programs.     WOOOOHOOOO!!! My hubby just called and his plane landed and he will be home soon.  I know he won't want to work on my computer tonight BUT tomorrow I HOPE or tomorrow Night one. 

Poor Lil Fairies will have another photo shoot tomorrow.  Well, some of them will.  Already have picture of most of them.  I have a couple that need props.  I'll finish them up tomorrow.  I think I won't make 12 Lil Fairies at one time again.  BUT I really need 12 for now.  I have one that is colors of a Peacock and I want to keep her BUT she told me NO she wanted to be sold.  Soooooooo guess I will make another one for myself.     Well, it's getting late and my mind is going wild. LOL LOL!!! I have so many dolls flowing around in my head.  It's been way to long since I created and now that I started creating again; dolls are over flowing in my brain. 

I HOPE to have pictures up tomorrow or tomorrow night.  NO PROMISE THOUGH!!!  After the photo program is in and I know how to use it again.......then I can promise photos and not worry that I can't get them on. 


I have Fairies finished except for their props to sit on.  Well, some of the Fairies have props already and are finished. Have pictures and have pictures to take when all are finished.  I'm going to download Kodak program into my computer this evening and HOPE I DO IT RIGHT!!!  I probably should wait until tomorrow when hubby is home.  He will be home way late tonight as he had to go to Florida for a few days. 

Have to go out and mail Birthday cards to my daughters Angela and Brandi and my son in law Jason.  Their Birthdays are July 5, 9, & 10th.   My son Kevin's Birthday is July 24.  He lives here so I don't have to mail his card.  This will be the first time in years that we actually get to spend his Birthday with him.  July is a busy Birthday month.  My Mama and Daddy (God Rest Their Souls. They have been gone for years and I miss them very much).  Their Birthdays are in July also.  Soooooooo! July is a big month for Birthdays in my family.

Got to do some shopping while out.  I have to find Doll magazines.  I need them.  I haven't renewed any of my doll magazine subscriptions yet.  They all ran out when I moved.  Now that was luck on my part. I got all my magazines BUT haven't renewed them yet.  I have to do that this evening.    Going to Michael's and hope they have them.  Looked in the book store over the weekend and they didn't have any doll magazines!! WAS I EVER UPSET.  hehehehehe!!!!  I just had to look at older magazines I have.  I never get tried of looking at them over and over. 

Everyone Have A Wonderful Fun Day,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, I worked all day on my little Fairies. They are almost finished.  I counted them and I'm missing #12 Fairy; she must have flown away or hiding one. LOL!!!  I'll find her or remake her.  

I sculpted a tiny head yesterday.  It measures 5/8 inch.  It's tiny.  I used a doll needle to sculpt some of her face features along with sculpting tools and my fingers.  It was a challenge but fun.  My hubby Ken was amazed at the tiny size. LOL LOL   I was going to make a mold of it BUT my mold making stuff wasn't good.  It would harden.  Too old I guess.  Have to order more. 

Just wanted to let Y'ALL know how the Little Fairies were coming along.  Taking longer than I thought but that's NOTHING NEW!!
Have A Great Day/Evening

Monday, June 27, 2011


4 Little Fairies are completed. HURRAY!!  Had family time yesterday so didn't do much work on Fairies. Kids and Grands came over.  We all had a great time together.  Really enjoy spending time with our children and grands.  Wish all our kids and grands lived here. :-) 

My little Fairies are getting their heads on today. WOOOHOOO!! Got a few more to sculpt, paint and attach; then I'm finished.  Therefore I can then move on to making some other dolls.

Friday, June 24, 2011


This is just another post.  We got back 1 A.M. Tuesday morning from PA.  We had a wonderful fun time with all our family.  My GOODNESS the grands have really grown in 2 years or is it 3years since we saw them.  Their parents look the same they didn't get bigger or taller, WELLLLLLL!! Maybe a little bigger ROFL!! Hope they aren't reading this. ROFL!!! OH! and a little older.  That makes me a little older ALSO!!  :-(    :-)   I might be older but I still feel and think young.  :-)

I've been working on lots of stuff since I got home.  I'm working on a dozen Fairies.  Going to start sculpting their little heads this evening and finish them tomorrow if I don't finish them tonight.  Will finish all the little Fairies tomorrow even if I have to work late into the night.  Something I haven't done in awhile. 

I haven't forgot about posting pictures ................ Still working on that one.  Son has been out of town alot and hubby has been busy SOOOOOOOoooooooooo! will wait a little longer.  Hope son can come over this weekend and show me more about my new computer and programs.  I'm not to Bright when it come to computers.  I'm always afaird I will do something wrong and have problems then.  So, I don't hit buttons. :-)

Just wanted to say Hello and I'm still around.   End of July I will be going to a doll conference in Austin, Texas.   Check it out at   Lots of great doll teachers, fun, sales tables, food, etc etc etc.  Check out all the fun on

Got to go back working on my Fairies....I hear little voices yelling at me to get busy and finish them so they can see and talk.   MMMMMmmmmmm! wonder where those little voices yelling are coming from if they don't have their heads yet. LOL   OH! one Fairy is complete so she has her head on.  She's a loud mouth. LOL LOL!!

More Later and Pictures I HOPE, Not saying it out loud......when it happens I will be Thrilled and Y'All will see Pictures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going Away/Computer/Pictures

I am going away for several days.  Going to PA to see our Granddaughter Brittany graduate.  OH! MY! It seems like it was only yesterday she was a baby.  Now 18 and going away to college.  We are PROUD of her.  She belongs to the Fire Dept., Recue Diving, Life Guard and she has a job where she lives in PA.  She will be going off to college in Aug.  Will get lots of Hugs & Kisses from her, some of our other grand kids and some of our kids.  It will be so nice to see them.  It's been a couple of years since we saw some of them.  REALLY REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF THEM.

My new computer has's so slow and it never was. Don't know what is wrong with it.  When Ken comes home this evening I'll have him check and see what is going on.  

I TRIED TO POST SOME PICTURES TODAY ON MY COMPUTER BUT NO GO!!  Computer is to slow for some reason.  I just hope this will come through.  I think it will but won't bet on it. :-)

I probably won't be on a computer in PA but might get to get on one.  Will see.  
Everyone have a great week & weekend.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DAD'S OUT THERE. 
Love & Hugs,

Friday, June 10, 2011


Sorry about not having any pictures posted yet.  I have them in my camera waiting to go into a program in my computer.  Hopefully but not holding my breath I'll get some up soon. MAYBE and that is a BIG word right now.  Sometimes I feel helpless when it comes to programs on computers; especially trying to figure out my photo program.  I'm going to try and download them from the camera to the computer and see where they go. :-)  I might be SORRY BUT I MIGHT NOT EITHER. Hehehehe! Better laugh than cry. 

Enough of my whinning.  Later is Better Than Never.   BESIDES I have been creating Fairies in Studio 2(that's what I call it and the other one I call Studio 1)  Maybe I will get creative and name my 2 studios. YEAH! I think that would be good. Thinking Cap is on. 

:-)  My new Fairies are really cute even if I do say so myself.  I am working on 12 Fairies (mmmmm that's a dozen; sounds like cupcakes to me. :-)  Yum Yum!! Maybe they are or maybe some are Cupcake Fairies and others are cute fairies.  Now I'm hungry for a cupcake.  Vivian, I'm thinking how good your cupcakes look right now. :-)
Love & Hugs,
Fran who is going to bed now. Got to get up and work on Fairies and Picture program on computer.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I'm working on pictures of my studios.  It's not an easy thing at least for me LOL LOL!! Might have to wait until hubby comes home later and he will have to show me how to work these photo programs.  We'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if I can do it. LOL!  I think Kodak is going to come back into my life.
SORRY! No Pics up yet. 

I created a new Fairy yesterday.  She's cute.  Yes, I will take a picture and put up as soon as I figure the photo program out.  I'm sure I will figure it out all by myself. :-)  If not, consider me DUH! and I'll wait for my hubby to come home and sit it up. :-)
Love & Hugs

Thursday, June 02, 2011


OH HAPPY DAYS!! REALLY MONTHS!!! Studios are done and ready for me to start creating. WOOHOO!! I can't wait to get started.  I think I will create something tomorrow or at least get started on something. I really have the need to create a doll.

Will take pictures of studios tomorrow and see if I remember how to post them.  Got a new computer and not sure how the picture program works. It's no Kodak; which I had in my other computer.  Camera batteries are charged and ready to take pictures. 

Got my file cabinet this evening.  Been putting folders, etc in it.  I still have some folders, etc to put in it but not a big deal.


I probably shouldn't say that too loud; something might come up that I don't get them finished. LOL!!

I have to go out this morning but soon as I get back this afternoon, I WILL FINISH SETTING UP MY STUDIOS.  I WILL!!  Not much to do now. Just a few things to put away and move all my paper files into my file cabinet. (I have to do that tomorrow because the file cabinet won't be here until then or Saturday). That's OK, I will put them in the closet in the guess room until then. That's where the file cabinet is going; in the closet in the guess room. Still room for guess to put their clothes. LOL!

Got to go for now. Have to leave in a couple of hours.  Will post pictures in the next day or so of my Studios.