Thursday, June 30, 2011


I really think I messed up when I changed the look of my Blog.  I like the look BUT I have 2 accounts and forgot my passwords.  Now I finally got this one back.  Don't care about the other one because I never use it.  BUT it took me forever to get back on this one.  SEE I TOLD YOU I'M BAD WHEN IT COMES TO DOING STUFF ON COMPUTERS.   GOT TO WATCH ME AT ALL TIMES.  Now this is why I need my son and/or hubby to be here when I mess up. LOL LOL!!

Not putting Kodak in after this mess up.  Hubby will be home and I will ask him what to do now that I have the Kodak disk.  Not sure if I'm supposed to even use the Kodak disk. 

I will learn how to use this new computer yet!! YES I WILL!  It has lots of good programs in it.  Now I have to learn how to use it also.  MMMMMmmmmmmm!!   Sounds like I need a class in how to use my computer and programs.     WOOOOHOOOO!!! My hubby just called and his plane landed and he will be home soon.  I know he won't want to work on my computer tonight BUT tomorrow I HOPE or tomorrow Night one. 

Poor Lil Fairies will have another photo shoot tomorrow.  Well, some of them will.  Already have picture of most of them.  I have a couple that need props.  I'll finish them up tomorrow.  I think I won't make 12 Lil Fairies at one time again.  BUT I really need 12 for now.  I have one that is colors of a Peacock and I want to keep her BUT she told me NO she wanted to be sold.  Soooooooo guess I will make another one for myself.     Well, it's getting late and my mind is going wild. LOL LOL!!! I have so many dolls flowing around in my head.  It's been way to long since I created and now that I started creating again; dolls are over flowing in my brain. 

I HOPE to have pictures up tomorrow or tomorrow night.  NO PROMISE THOUGH!!!  After the photo program is in and I know how to use it again.......then I can promise photos and not worry that I can't get them on. 

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Fran said...

The little tool icons are gone this morning. Just checking to see if anything else is messed up.