Friday, June 10, 2011


Sorry about not having any pictures posted yet.  I have them in my camera waiting to go into a program in my computer.  Hopefully but not holding my breath I'll get some up soon. MAYBE and that is a BIG word right now.  Sometimes I feel helpless when it comes to programs on computers; especially trying to figure out my photo program.  I'm going to try and download them from the camera to the computer and see where they go. :-)  I might be SORRY BUT I MIGHT NOT EITHER. Hehehehe! Better laugh than cry. 

Enough of my whinning.  Later is Better Than Never.   BESIDES I have been creating Fairies in Studio 2(that's what I call it and the other one I call Studio 1)  Maybe I will get creative and name my 2 studios. YEAH! I think that would be good. Thinking Cap is on. 

:-)  My new Fairies are really cute even if I do say so myself.  I am working on 12 Fairies (mmmmm that's a dozen; sounds like cupcakes to me. :-)  Yum Yum!! Maybe they are or maybe some are Cupcake Fairies and others are cute fairies.  Now I'm hungry for a cupcake.  Vivian, I'm thinking how good your cupcakes look right now. :-)
Love & Hugs,
Fran who is going to bed now. Got to get up and work on Fairies and Picture program on computer.

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