Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, I worked all day on my little Fairies. They are almost finished.  I counted them and I'm missing #12 Fairy; she must have flown away or hiding one. LOL!!!  I'll find her or remake her.  

I sculpted a tiny head yesterday.  It measures 5/8 inch.  It's tiny.  I used a doll needle to sculpt some of her face features along with sculpting tools and my fingers.  It was a challenge but fun.  My hubby Ken was amazed at the tiny size. LOL LOL   I was going to make a mold of it BUT my mold making stuff wasn't good.  It would harden.  Too old I guess.  Have to order more. 

Just wanted to let Y'ALL know how the Little Fairies were coming along.  Taking longer than I thought but that's NOTHING NEW!!
Have A Great Day/Evening

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