Friday, June 24, 2011


This is just another post.  We got back 1 A.M. Tuesday morning from PA.  We had a wonderful fun time with all our family.  My GOODNESS the grands have really grown in 2 years or is it 3years since we saw them.  Their parents look the same they didn't get bigger or taller, WELLLLLLL!! Maybe a little bigger ROFL!! Hope they aren't reading this. ROFL!!! OH! and a little older.  That makes me a little older ALSO!!  :-(    :-)   I might be older but I still feel and think young.  :-)

I've been working on lots of stuff since I got home.  I'm working on a dozen Fairies.  Going to start sculpting their little heads this evening and finish them tomorrow if I don't finish them tonight.  Will finish all the little Fairies tomorrow even if I have to work late into the night.  Something I haven't done in awhile. 

I haven't forgot about posting pictures ................ Still working on that one.  Son has been out of town alot and hubby has been busy SOOOOOOOoooooooooo! will wait a little longer.  Hope son can come over this weekend and show me more about my new computer and programs.  I'm not to Bright when it come to computers.  I'm always afaird I will do something wrong and have problems then.  So, I don't hit buttons. :-)

Just wanted to say Hello and I'm still around.   End of July I will be going to a doll conference in Austin, Texas.   Check it out at   Lots of great doll teachers, fun, sales tables, food, etc etc etc.  Check out all the fun on

Got to go back working on my Fairies....I hear little voices yelling at me to get busy and finish them so they can see and talk.   MMMMMmmmmmm! wonder where those little voices yelling are coming from if they don't have their heads yet. LOL   OH! one Fairy is complete so she has her head on.  She's a loud mouth. LOL LOL!!

More Later and Pictures I HOPE, Not saying it out loud......when it happens I will be Thrilled and Y'All will see Pictures.

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Kai said...

Tell your sweet hubby to hurry and help you get those pictures up! I'm dying to see your fairies & ALLLLLLLLL your newest pretties! Oh, I WISH I could go to that doll conference. I'm so glad we have reconnected lil' Frannie! I've MISSED you & your fun spirit! LOVE YOU!