Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have Fairies finished except for their props to sit on.  Well, some of the Fairies have props already and are finished. Have pictures and have pictures to take when all are finished.  I'm going to download Kodak program into my computer this evening and HOPE I DO IT RIGHT!!!  I probably should wait until tomorrow when hubby is home.  He will be home way late tonight as he had to go to Florida for a few days. 

Have to go out and mail Birthday cards to my daughters Angela and Brandi and my son in law Jason.  Their Birthdays are July 5, 9, & 10th.   My son Kevin's Birthday is July 24.  He lives here so I don't have to mail his card.  This will be the first time in years that we actually get to spend his Birthday with him.  July is a busy Birthday month.  My Mama and Daddy (God Rest Their Souls. They have been gone for years and I miss them very much).  Their Birthdays are in July also.  Soooooooo! July is a big month for Birthdays in my family.

Got to do some shopping while out.  I have to find Doll magazines.  I need them.  I haven't renewed any of my doll magazine subscriptions yet.  They all ran out when I moved.  Now that was luck on my part. I got all my magazines BUT haven't renewed them yet.  I have to do that this evening.    Going to Michael's and hope they have them.  Looked in the book store over the weekend and they didn't have any doll magazines!! WAS I EVER UPSET.  hehehehehe!!!!  I just had to look at older magazines I have.  I never get tried of looking at them over and over. 

Everyone Have A Wonderful Fun Day,


Gabbi said...

Well i love your dolls and anxiously await your pictures. I bet they are fabulous.

Fran said...

I'm posting to see if anyone can post to my comments. I see little tools on my blog. Don't know how to get rid of them.