Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I'm working on pictures of my studios.  It's not an easy thing at least for me LOL LOL!! Might have to wait until hubby comes home later and he will have to show me how to work these photo programs.  We'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if I can do it. LOL!  I think Kodak is going to come back into my life.
SORRY! No Pics up yet. 

I created a new Fairy yesterday.  She's cute.  Yes, I will take a picture and put up as soon as I figure the photo program out.  I'm sure I will figure it out all by myself. :-)  If not, consider me DUH! and I'll wait for my hubby to come home and sit it up. :-)
Love & Hugs


Kai said...

You are so NOT 'DUH', Frannie! I can't WAIT to see the glorious new studio, the fairy, EVERYTHING! Love you!

Fran said...

Thank You Kai, I feel DUH! alot lately. Things have slowed down a little bit but not to where I want it to be. Leaving for PA next week.
Waiting for my hubby or/and son to help me with my photos of my studios. Got one fairy finished and 10 more to go. I have 3 waiting for their heads. LOL LOL!!
They are CUTIES even if I do say so myself. :-) Love & Hugs, Fran