Monday, April 02, 2012


Another Day Another Dollar???? LOL LOL! Not today.  No, I'm not crazy just been cleaning the house too long and tried.  I wanna work on my new doll patterns BUT the house needed to be picked up, floors swept, floors mopped, laundry done, studios HAVE to be cleaned before  I work on my new doll patterns. I'll finish cleaning the studios in a little while.

I REALLY have to get rid of some stuff in my studios.  I have so much stuff I don't know where to put it all. :-)  AND I KEEP BUYING MORE SUPPLIES.  BUT they are supplies I need that I don't have.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has way too many supplies and keep buying more and more.  I try to stay out of Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Shopping Online Stores.  LOL!  I do have to order lace so I can hand dye it.  I'm just about out and got a show and teaching in July.  Sooooo, I need lace for my sales table and pieces of dyed lace for teaching.  I have to hand dye more of my mohair Tibetan skins.  I'm a bit worried about how fast they will dry here in Texas with the humidity.  Didn't have humidity in Las Vegas, NV.  I could put lace and mohair outside to dry in about 10-15 minutes.  I REALLY AM GOING TO MISS THAT! 

Guess I better get off here and finish cleaning my studios so I can play and create in my studios tomorrow. Got to finish some of my new patterns.  Life does get in the way of creating sometimes.

Me and my Hubby Ken.  This was taken a few years. 

Luv & Hugs


Perfectly Printed said...

I never think I have too much until a daughter comes home and I need to open up the futon in my craft room for someone to sleep on! Weigh in tomorrow crossing my fingers


Rhissanna said...

I understand about the supplies. I really try to keep it down, I do. But every new exciting thing is an inspiration for another doll, and inspiration is hard to ignore.

I dye my T. lambswool here in humid Arkansas. I roll it up in a towel as long as I can and then leave it overnight, hanging up so the curl comes back. I've not had problems with it. I do have problems with paperclay being fully dry and not getting tacky when sealed. I'm not a big fan of the humididty!

Fran said...

Chris I went to WW this morning and I lost 3 lbs. WOOOHOO!! I had to post about it on my blog. :-) Hope you had a weight lost today.

Pam R said...

Ok, I think you are my long lost twin! I have been working on a round robin doll and it looked like a tornado went through that room with all the stuff that I pulled out. I couldn't find what I wanted/needed so I went shopping. I joined WW online for the third time now and I only make it through one and a half days before I bail. Tracking and I do not get along. Maybe, because that means I have to plan! What, not shoot from the hip!

As I was cleaning up my studio I decided to start giving away some stuff, magazines, at doll club meeting. What they don't take is going in the dumpster.