Wednesday, April 04, 2012


The Tornadoes in our area are devastating.  It's a miracle from God that no one was killed are hurt really bad in these Tornadoes.  Watching and seeing the areas that were torn to pieces is so sad but thank God nobody was killed or hurt really bad.  My heart goes out to everyone that lost their homes.   They are saying 15 unofficial Tornado's but they are saying 12 official Tornadoes hit the Dallas area.  Where I live in Wylie, Texas is part of the Dallas area and we were in the Tornado watches and warnings.  One Tornado just missed us by 15 miles.  Our warning alarms were going off a few times. That means to get to a safe place now. Into our walk in closet in the center of our house is the best place when this happens.  I know they had this on TV's all over the USA and Overseas.  Tornado picked up semi tractor trailers at a Tractor Trailer company and threw them around like rag dolls. Lots of damage there and all over. One lady was baby sitting and they got into the bath tub.  All that was left of that house was the back wall with the bath tub attached.  She had to hold on tight to keep from loosing one little girl. She saved her from being blown out of her arms.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN AND THEY DID HAPPEN YESTERDAY! 

DFW Airport had 110 planes damaged from hail.  People were on planes ready to go out and they had to get everyone off and back into the terminals.  1400 passengers are still at the airport trying to get to where they were going.  They spent the night in the airport and may have to spend another night before they can get out. 

Chance of more rain today and Sunday.  Hopefully it won't be like yesterday.   These storms came from the Austin area (South) up to us and turned into lots of Tornadoes and went North East.   We live in Wylie, Texas which is North East of downtown Dallas.

I'm so Thankful that no one was hurt really bad or killed in these Tornadoes. 
Keep Safe Everyone,

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Perfectly Printed said...

Keeping only good thoughts and prayers for those of you in the DFW area.