Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I lost 3 pounds this week.  WOOHOO!!
Finally I'm back on track.  I stayed for the meeting and then I stayed for the Power Points meeting.  I learn some things I really needed.  Now on to loosing more weight this coming week.  I'm really excited that I lost 3 lbs this week because I have been yo-yoing for several months now.  I just could not seem to get with the program.  I learned how to use the extra 49 points we can have extra each week if we choose to. I hadn't been using them because they scared me.  Thought I'd really eat too much then. But as it was I was gaining not eating the extra points. THAT WAS MY OWN FAULT FOR THE WEIGHT GAINS.  I would eat sweets and to much of them.   NOW I'M BACK ON TRACK AND GOING TO LOOSE EVERY WEEK UNTIL I REACH MY GOAL!!  That is my PROMISE to myself.
Hugs & Have A Great Day!


Perfectly Printed said...

Good for you Fran!!! I stayed the same which was fine with me. Last week was the last week of the quarter here at work and they brought in lunch EVERYDAY! I bought a pedometer from WW and it helps. I walk about 3 miles a day just working so I have to really kick it up to see much difference. It also tells you how many points you have earned by walking.

Good luck this week.

vivian said...

me too.. after easter! lol!
congrats on the 3 pounds off!