Thursday, April 05, 2012


Storm, Tornado clean up: is going on and still evaluating the size and damage of the Tornadoes and storms.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was in the path of these Tornadoes and storms.  Lots and Lots and Lots of destroyed homes, businesses, etc.   They need all the help they can get from cleaning up to understanding what they went through and still going through. 

New Dishwasher: installed this morning. WOOHOO! really needed it.  This dishwasher is sooooooooo quite you hardly know it's on.  The dishwasher that came with our house was soooooooooo loud.  Now it's quite when I do the dishes.  I still like doing the dishes by hand sometimes. 

Kat our cat: He is always up early. The men arrived with the dishwasher around 7:45A.M.  Kat watched the men install the dishwasher.  He just layed there watching and meowed every now and then.  Probably trying to tell them how to installed it. LOL LOL!  After they left, he went to bed.

Hubby is out and about. 

I thought I would play on the computer a little bit.  NOW TO CLEAN MY STUDIOS!!  WHAT A MESS THEY ARE!!!   Every time I start working on some new creation, I always say to myself that I'm going to keep things picked up and clean as I work.  YEAH RIGHT!!! ROFL!! JUST LIKE THAT IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!   Does anyone ever have a clean work area while creating?  Only time I do is when I make little things or do some beading.  I don't do a lot of beading.  Something I would like to do more of though. 

I'm a HOARDER of SUPPLIES.  The more I have the better.  One would think I would have everything I need to create a doll or whatever I'm working on.  NO! it happens to often that I don't have what I need and have to go buy it and then some.  LOL!   I love when Michael's have 50% off coupons.  That's when I buy the large box of clay.  Sometimes they don't have any when I get there SOOOOOO, I find something else to use my 50% off coupon on.   Hobby Lobby usually has more clay out when they run a 40% off coupon and I go there to buy the large box of clay.  I have enough clay for now.  I buy the white sculpy clay.  I love coloring it with alcohol inks, chalk pastels, paints, etc.   I use Jack Johnston's flesh color clay also.  I'm going to need more but don't want to buy it during the hot weather, it will cook in shipping.  I usually buy it during the fall or when it gets cooler.  Wish we could purchase it in the stores.  The other clays in the stores are in small packages, wish they would make or carry them if they make larger size.  

Going to shut up for now and go create something.  Got a few things going through my head as I type.  You know how it is when there's more than one thing wanting to be created.  LOL!!   I really should clean house today OR should say clean my studios before starting anything else.  Maybe I should do that first.  ;-)
Everyone Have A Great Day,
Luv & Hugs


Perfectly Printed said...

Have fun creating!!!

Rhissanna said...

Oh yes, I know about hoarded supplies! And I hope the dishwasher went in ok. I bought a new washing machine last week and a week after it was installed, it flooded the house. Overnight. With hot water! I woke up to find my living room was a swamp...