Tuesday, April 10, 2012


MMMMMMMMM! I only lost 2 ounces this week. BOOHOO! Well, I shouldn't BOOHOO! because I didn't gain any and I did loose 2 ounces but not what I wanted to loose.  Got on the treadmill this morning.  Going to get on it this evening also.  I find I loose more when I get on the treadmill everyday or stay busy cleaning house.  Sometimes I don't get on the treadmill everyday.  BUT I'M GOING TO START TODAY GETTING ON THE TREADMILL EVERYDAY!  I feel like it's taking way to long to loose the weight I want to loose.  I think it's my frame of mind stopping me also.  I DO CHEAT SOMETIMES! MY FAULT, I KNOW.

This is a PROMISE TO MYSELF! STARTING TODAY: I PROMISE MYSELF I'M GOING TO STAY TRUE TO MY WEIGHT WATCHERS DIET AND GOING TO LOOSE POUNDS THIS WEEK!  I feel so much better when I loose the weight AND I want to get back into some of my old clothes I used to wear that are still like new. :-)  YES! I ate more than I should have on EASTER.  I ate PIE (small pieces of several kinds of pie) I KNOW BAD BAD ME!  Now I eat what I'm suppose to eat.  I am one that HAS TO STAY AWAY FROM SWEETS!! I REALLY DO!  Once I get a taste, I keep eating and go back for more.  SWEETS ARE MY DOWN-FALL!! I know it and I know I have to stay away from SWEETS and JUST SAY NO TO THEM!!!!   Will let you know next Tuesday how much I loose.  FINGERS CROSSED & MOUTH OFF LIMIT TO SWEETS!  Actually for more reasons than one because I have high triglycerides from eating too much sugar foods.  I'm working on it and I have lowered my triglycerides by 307 points. Need to lower them 91 points and even lower.  Triglycerides should be between 0-149.   Several years ago my Triglycerides were 705 and that is really bad.  I'm not hurting anybody EXCEPT MYSELF when I EAT SUGAR GOODIES! High Triglycerides run in my family also BUT we can lower them by watching what we eat.

Going to get my STUDIOS back in shape.  They are a TOTAL MESS!  That is today's project AND MAYBE tomorrow to.   YES, THAT'S HOW MESSY THEY ARE.  :-)   AND it will give me some exercise. 



vivian said...

I didnt do so well this week either.. in fact I skipped weighing in at all... I have no doubt that I gained! then yesterday adn today I did great... at work.. but when I came home, I lost control.
sweets are my down fall too. I think once you seriously give them up for a while you stop craving them. OK.. Fran.. lets do better this week!

Fran said...

OK we will do better this week. No sweets. They are my down fall big time. Lets get serious and stop the sugars.
Luv & Hugs

Perfectly Printed said...

I did not weigh today either. I only worked half a day and spent the rest of the day with my husband and daughter number 3. We went to see Titanic in 3D and then dinner. A really nice day. I did not venture too far off my points...well at least I think so... we will see next week!
Crossing my fingers for us all to have a great week.