Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today I cleaned most of the house except for my studios which are a BIG MESS!!  Been busy with life in general that takes me away from creating when I should. BUT, it all worked out in plenty of time. LOL! LOL!  I shouldn't say that too loud. :-0  I will start cleaning my studios tomorrow or Monday. Going out after while to a Birthday party.  Tomorrow I have to watch Nascar and they are racing here in Texas.  I will be watching it on TV.  They will be racing again later this year when it's cooler.  I would love to go once to the race track and watch them.  Maybe when they are here later this year I can go to the race track to watch them.  Maybe I will get some cleaning done in my studio before the race is on. :-)  I wouldn't bet on it. LOL LOL! 

Allergies are really getting to me right now.  Maybe we should have stayed in Las Vegas where allergies aren't too bad.  I guess it doesn't matter where you live there's some kind of allegy going on.  I'm one that gets allergies no matter where I am.  If it's not food allergies it's air borne allergies and that is what I have now. 

HAPPY ARPIL FOOLS DAY!!!  ROFL ROFL FOOLED YOU?????  Tomorrow and then the 2nd is our grandson's birthday.  He was almost born on April Fools Day.. He could have been but daughter didn't want to do that to him.  She had a C-section.   He was born just after midnight on April 2nd. 

Well, I have rattled on enough.  I should be cleaning my studios instead of playing on the computer but it's more fun playing on the computer. 
Luv * Hugs


vivian said...

Happy sunday Fran! now go get those studios clean girlfriend! (or

Perfectly Printed said...

Enjoy your Sunday!!! And NASCAR!!
The cleaning will always be there!.


Rhissanna said...

Lols! Will you clean mine, too?