Sunday, January 15, 2012


Meet ETHAN my grandson.  He's 4 and cute as a button and smart. He was eating when I took his picture. He had been swimming.  He looks just like his daddy when his daddy was that age. I'll have to dig out some old pictures of his daddy at that age and post them together. 

Later today we are going to the outdooor flea market.  I don't think they call it flea market but not sure what the name of it is.  I hope I can find an old large trunk to sit at the foot of our bed.  Wish I had the ones that was in our family. Maybe I should quiz some of the older family members and see if they know what happened to them.  MMMMmmmmm! Good Thought. :-) 

I'm still working on Valentine Swap stuff for my partner that Vivian is hosting.  I thought I would have everything finished by last night BUT we went out yesterday and last night SO I didn't finish everything. I did stay up til midnight working on some things.  Tomorrow I will finish everything.  Then I will go back to working on the new dolls, patterns and art I've been working on. 

Everyone Have A Great Day !
Luv & Hugs,


vivian said...

your grandson is beautiful! love that blonde hair. cant wait to see what youre making for your partner.
happy sunday!

Judi W. said...

what a cutie! I have our old steamer trunks that we used when we came to America. Good luck finding one!

Perfectly Printed said...

Oh my gosh!! I am way behind in starting my Valentine's for our swap Fran!!
I better get working!