Thursday, January 05, 2012


These are roses from my rose bushes in Las Vegas THAT I LEFT BEHIND!!  I was looking through some pictures and there they were. :-) :-(   I really really loved all my rose bushes in Las Vegas.   Well, I have NONE in our yard here in Wylie, Texas.  BUT we are going to plant lots of ROSE BUSHES in a couple of months.  I sure hope they are as big and pretty as the ones we had in Las Vegas. They were really large and beautiful.  Really had wonderful scents.  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.  Hope we still have that green thumb we had in Las Vegas. LOL LOL!!!   Found the picture and it brought back lots of wonderful memories of all the beautiful scents of my rose bushes.  Hope whom ever has them now are taking care of them like we did. :-)


vivian said...

oh I think I can smell them here!
so pretty

La Llorona Studio said...

Hi Fran, Happy New Year!
May this year bring you much joy, health, and time for creativity. Love your doll faces and your roses.

vivian said...

Fran, I must not have your email right as the emails I'm sending you are not getting to you.
heres my email, please email me so we can get on the same page. lol!