Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Went to the court house this morning.  Sit with lots and lots of people waiting to hear if we had to sit on a jury. :-)    Waited almost an hour and then the list  of 20 was read of who was picked.  I was sitting there saying to myself they picked me I know they did.  BUT THEY DIDN'T!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!  They told all of us that was left, we could go home we don't have jury duty.  We won't get another jury summons for 3 years. WOOOOHOOOO!!!   Made me happy.   I know someone has to sit on the jury but I'd rather not because I'm not sure I could say someone was guilty or not guilty.  There's been to many guilty that got off and to many not guilty that had to go to jail.    I know someone has to be on the jury and pass judgement on them.  I really don't think I could because if I helped find someone guilty and years later found out they weren't guilty.....That would haunt me.  I know it would.   I know we are only human and I have way to many feeling about this.  I'm glad I wasn't picked.

Now back to my dolls and other creations.
Luv & Hugs

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BumbleVee said...

Fran, if you had been chosen for the final interview... you could just tell them your feelings...and they would probably then dismiss you on exactly those grounds... each side is looking for the perfect candidate to aid their case.... sometimes they go through dozens ... to find the right group.