Thursday, August 10, 2006

WOOOHOOO!!! My new piece is finished. I have been working on her for days. I worked on her most of the day. I have to go to Michael's to buy some supplies to finish her. OF COURSE I bought some other stuff while I was there. A girl just can't run into Michael's and get one thing. They were having a sale and I had a 40 % coupon that I didn't want to waste SO I bought a jar of Paper Mod Podge. I needed it, I'm about out of my other bottle. While I was out I had to run to our Perfume shop and fax my registeration to Doll U. This will be my first time at Doll U's new location. I attended Doll U in Oakland, CA when Judy Waters owned it. I'm looking forward to attending Doll U in Sept.


Kai said...

You're teeeeeeaaaasing us, Little Frannie! I'm going to be REALLY eager to see this new doll after all the hints! I know one thing, tho'. She'll be well worth the wait, 'cause ALL your dolls are gorgeous!

Judi said...

Yep, you're such a tease!