Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm working on more paper dolls tonight. Went to the ASD show here in Vegas. It's a big wholesale trade show with all kinds of mechandise. I was talking with this lady that was selling Victorian frames, etc. She's going to give me a call and talk with me about making some Victorian things for her to sell. There's so much wonderful things at this show. Of course my hubby and I go there to see the perfume companies we order from. Lots of new perfumes coming out all the time. My feet are killing me and we went yesterday. LOL LOL!!!


Jacque Uetz said...

Fran I would love to come visit and go to something like this.I know it was fun..I need some perfume LOL Do you have Emporio by Armani? I need to write you personally haha just jumping in today busy with these little dolls..

Fran said...

Jacque, Don't know if you will get back to read this or not but Yes, we do have Emporio by Armani. :-)
Love & Hugs