Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Day Gone By

Well, another day has gone by. I worked at our Perfume Palace shop today. I did get time to work on some paper dolls. I'm doing 2 paper doll swaps and it's fun!! Can't wait to swap paper dolls.

Sorry, but I still can't show my doll to y'all, the ad for her didn't get put online today. As soon as it's up I will let y'all know. I really want to show her to y'all.

My granddaughter Brittany is spending the night. We are going to our doll club meeting in the morning. I'm taking my new doll that I can't show y'all yet to our meeting for Show & Tell. I'm not sure that might be a no no BUT I don't know that so I will show it. SECOND THOUGHT ON THAT!!! Maybe I won't take her after all. This is killing me, I wanna show her off.

Going to go and do some more creating.

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