Monday, August 14, 2006

Dee Dee

Meet Dee Dee Paper Doll. She's made for one of the two Paper Doll Swaps I'm doing.
I'm thinking about putting a ribbon on the back of her so she can be hung on a wall or corner of a frame or what ever. :-) After all she is flying through the air. :-)


Kai said...

Dee Dee is as playful & fun as can be! She makes me think of Tinkerbell or a come-to-life firefly! I like the idea of her being a paper doll who can be suspended and look as tho' she's mid-flight! Wonderful!

Kerry said...

She is a charming little sprite, I think she is my favorite.

Linda said...

A ribbon to hang by would be perfect! She's darling!
Linda F from FL