Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here's my new doll I made today. I'm not sure if she's finished yet or not. She doesn't have a name either, for now I call her Dressed Inside. My hubby calls her Caged Lady. :-) BUT for now it's Dressed Inside. Her head is made from silk and I drew her face on with Prismacolor pencils. Her nose is machine stitched on each side of her nose.


Kai said...

NOW I get to see all of this lovely doll! The colors are MARVELOUS! So vibrant, yet at the same time, ladylike! Her face catches my attention because of the eyes. They are absolutely captivating! You do the prettiest faces, Little Frannie. And what a cool frame for her body!There's another class for you to teach, sweet girl! I just love her!(Also love YOU!) You deserve TWO Starbucks for THIS one! LOL!

Judi said...

How did you machine stitch the nose? How interesting! I think she is just beautiful.

Kerry said...

Very pretty Fran, love the doll and the dress form!