Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wasn't Feeling Good

I wasn't feeling good yesterday or today.  Was down with a migraine headache yesterday(took my pill and went to bed) and today my head still hurt a little.  I feel better this evening.  Those things put me right now.  Hurt, Can't See Right, etc.  First one I've had in a REAL LONG TIME!!  Had them since I was 16 years old. I get the bright flashing colored zig zag lines with the pain ones. I forget what they are called. Head still not working right. :-)  Gone years at a time without one.  Things just pile up on our body sometimes and that's what happens when you least expect one.(Stress, Foods, weather,etc can cause one). Thank goodness meds have come along way since I was 16.  KNOCKING ON WOOD HERE!!! This is the first one I've had in a really long time. Well over a year.   They are inherited. My Mama had them, some of my children have them and some of my grandchildren have them. Runs in our blood line.

That is why I have been quite for a day or so.
Now going to go back to the couch.  Don't like the bright light of the computer yet.
Love & Hugs


Olga Bogoroditskaya said...


flyingbeader said...

Ouch...hope you are feeling better. I don't have migraines, but Vertigo is my evil partner. Never know when it will hit & in what severity. Get better.

robin dudley-howes said...

Thanks for coming by our gypsy retreat and leaving a comment and have a great cruise!

Rhissanna said...

I hope you're better now. Migraines are the pits. Horrible, horrible things.