Friday, June 08, 2012


I have another Little Lady Doll in the works.  I said, I wasn't going to create anymore for awhile BUT she TOLD ME I HAD TO FINISH CREATING HER!!!  Well, she's well on her way being created.  She has a torso, 2 arms(she has long skinny fingers) and that's it for now.  She is going to have to wait for me to finish the sculpting of her head and legs. 

WHY???? Do we or I let these dolls tell me what to do???? LOL!  Yeah, I know it's coming within my head but their little voices get really LOUD sometimes. . LOL  NOPE I'm not crazy as most know when a Doll Wants To Be Created, It Wants To Be Created No Matter What You Do.   I also have been trying to put kits together.  Almost finished with them. WOOOHOOO!!!  Still have lots and lots more to get together before I leave for Austin the end of July.  Time really does fly by fast.  

Our Grandson Cain is flying here from Las Vegas in a few days.  He is staying a little over a month with us. WOOOOHOOOO!!! I can't wait to get and give hugs & kisses.  We have lots of family  here and one cousin is his age.  Cain was here last year for 2 weeks but he wanted to stay longer and we wanted him to stay longer. :-)  I'm EXCITED!!! 

I will start sculpting her legs and rest of her head this evening while watching TV with Hubby.  I did sculpt the front of her face yesterday so all I have to do is add the back of her skull and neck.  Guess that is what I will go do now. :-)  She WILL NOT GET DRESSED TOMORROW!!! NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS!!.  Have't named her yet NOR have I named the other three Little Ladies. OOOPS!  The one in the black dress has a name; her name is Christine after my Mother. 

OK, I'm saying Good Night.


Rhissanna said...

I think only other dollmakers understand this one. I spent today in the kitchen making a doll for a doll. A doll's doll. In between cooking chicken and stirring rice and other stuff I was supposed to be doing. So, I feel for you, and I understand. When do we see her?

Cain sounds a dear! Have fun.

Fran said...

I to think other dollmakers understand this one. :-) Is the doll's doll finished? I wanna see.

She's in the oven or part of her is. Some parts are finished. Maybe tomorrow night or Sunday. Depends on how much trouble she is. LOL Her arms gave me a bit of a problem. But I fixed them.

Thank you, Cain is a dear. Can't wait for him to arrive.

vivian said...

good morning Fran, I know when somethings brewing in my head, I feel a little haunted by it until I get a chance to create it.. so I know just what youre talking about. pop over and see jacob pics!
have a great weekend