Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Today so far I got up.

Went to Weight Watchers. Lost 1 lb. WOOOHOOO!!! It's ABOUT TIME!!!  Maybe I'm back on the right track.

Allergies are killing me. Not really killing, you know what I mean. :-)   Eyes itchy, watering, red, etc etc. YUCK!  OH, Can't forget the Yucky water pouches under the eyes.  I want to just scratch my eyes but I WON'T !

I sculpted a new doll face.  Have to sculpt the body for her.  Not sure when I will finish this one because I have lots of stuff to get ready for teaching at All Dolls Are Art Conference July26-29, 2012.   www.alldollart.com   CHECK IT OUT! Would love to see some of you at All Doll Art Conference.
Still time to sign up.   You Will Have Lots & Lots Of Fun!!!

I stopped and got a Starbucks Vanilla Latte after Weight Watchers.  That's my Breakfast. LOL LOL!!! OH! BUT IT'S SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!   I have to check and see how many points that is.  ROFL!! It's probably lots of points.  Maybe not anymore than my breakfast would have been. What do you think??? :-)   Any How The Vanilla Latte is SOOOOOO GOOD!  Puts a smile on my face :-)

TV is on and they keep saying something about Facebook but not sure what's going on.  Guess I should go check out my Facebook and see if anything is being said on Facebook.  I'm not sure if I really want to stay on Facebook.  They give out our information, etc etc.   I have to re-think about this.  Heck! Everyone has our information any how !!!!!    Type in your name in Google and you will find lots of stuff about yourself.  Even the Census puts our information out for people to purchase.  I found out that when I typed my name and was looking up my family history.  They have every address you lived at and how many times & whom you were married to.  Have your kids, etc etc etc etc..........  I was SURPRISED to see all of that. LOL LOL LOL!!! Better to Laugh Than Be Mad!! 
Whatever we do in life gets on the Internet. ROFL!!!  It's SAD BUT TRUE!!    Getting MAD doesn't do any good SOOOOOooooooooooo!! LAUGH    What got me was that other people could buy your information.  Not just business can buy your information, WE could buy any ones information. ???????????????  I don't think it's right at all.  I don't have anything to hide but I don't want a stranger  having my address unless I give it to them.   I GUESS ONE WOULD SAY THIS IS MY PET PIVE (not sure of the spelling LOL LOL!! Spellcheck didn't have this word or anything close to it. LOL !)  You know what I mean. :-)

Now I'm going to go finish packing Miss Prissy and Fairies kits.  Got a couple of patterns I have to finish drawing and typing instructions.  I REALLY have lots more but my list would be way too long. LOL  



Anonymous said...

Fran Ask your eye Dr. about an antihistamine eye drop called Elastat .I also have allergies and these work well for me. Hope you feel better. Vicki Petticord

vivian said...

hey Fran.. I dont even pay attention to any of the stuff theyre saying on facebook.. just not sure it matters much to me.
I'm glad youre laughing about it all.. cause really what else are ya gonna do?
have a good night.. I'm trying to touch base with all my bloggy buds tonight as I feel I've been a bit negligent!

Perfectly Printed said...

Fran congrats on losing a 1#!! A a caramel frappuccino, is 7 points! That's non fat milk, and sugar free syrup!! But I still love them!!