Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, I have nothing new to show and not much to say. :-)
I've been busy finishing some swaps I'm in. I have them
finished and now I'm going to play tomorrow. :-) First I'm
going shopping for some new clothes. I really need some
new pants that fit. I really don't like going shopping for
clothes. I'm sure my car will turn into JoAnn's and/or
Michael's. hehehe!! Now that shopping I love.
Think I'm going to go to bed in awhile.
Love & Hugs

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Kai said...

You're getting so teeny tiny you HAVE to get new clothes, Little Franny! And as productive as you are, you'll have things to show in no time! But I wanted you to see I DO check your blog every single day! LOVE YOU!