Sunday, September 17, 2006

I spent the last two days taking Arley Berryhill's Le Femme class. Here's a pic of my doll, her name is Angela. She's not finished. The dress is just pinned on her and the skirt is just a piece of fabric pinned to her and it's too much fabric. :-) BUT it looks good. :-) Our club had fun and lots of great doll were made. I can't wait to see them finished. I will finishe mine and when I do I will post a finished pic of her. Her eyes are a bit too close. That happened when we were needle sculpting the eyes, it pulled them in closer than it should. OH! WELL!!
Love & Hugs


Judi said...

I am SOOOOO jealous! I would love to take a class with Arley! You lucky girl you!

Kai said...

She's NOT finished? Wow! If THIS is how your UNFINISHED dolls look, I'm REALLY in awe! She's gorgeous, Little Frannie! Her eyes are PERFECT and dreamy-looking! And you make THE best lips!!!! (I actually HAVE Arley's La Femme pattern AND his harem costume pattern to fit it. Have I attempted either one? Uh ... NO! And now I know WHY! I could NEVER make her look so beautiful!) Your dress color choice is perfection, too, by the way! If I didn't just love you so darned much, I'd be envious! But I DO love you, so I'm just PROUD of you!

Anonymous said...

Wow she is lovely! Like Judi says you are lucky to have taken a class from Arley.

Linda said...

Fran, she is gorgeous! Love her face and hair. But then, I always love your faces.I like the swirl of fabric at the bottom with her holding up a piece of it.
Linda F from FL

Isabella said...

Frannie, would you tell Linda to quit stifling my creativity? I could tell from the comment you left at my blog that you understand me- artist to artist. She just doesn't understand that the shredded toilet paper is for making paper mache! Unlike her who uses manufactured clay, I prefer to make my own, dontcha' know?
Big Wags,