Monday, September 04, 2006


My Day was a busy one around the house. I stayed in my nightgown ALL DAY! LOL LOL

Ken hurt his back a couple of days ago climbing out of the boat and he's not going anywhere for a few days. He won't be going fishin for awhile. He wasn't even fishin when he hurt his back. He was in the boat in the garage cleaning the boat. He has lots of back problems anyhow.

I worked on my Bliss pattern some more today. I should have had her finished a couple of months ago but everything seem to come first for one reason or another. I have Bliss' body and wings pattern almost all typed. Tomorrow I will finish it and take it to the printer. WOOOHOOO!!!! One more thing I can mark off my long long long long list of things to do. :-)
I think we all have one of those list.

OOOOOOO!!!! I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I found the two patterns I designed awhile back. They were in with another pattern. I didn't look in it before because I didn't think it would be in there. Always the last place you look. LOL LOL!!! I'm Thrilled!!!

Well, I'm going back to typing up more of Bliss' instructions. Nighty Nighty!!
Love & Hugs

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Kai said...

Glad you found your patterns! And your Bliss pattern will be a HUGE success! How could it NOT be? Bliss is BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL! (And don't you just LOVE days when you stay in your nightie? Ahhhhhh!)