Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Today was another Non Creative Day for me of not making a doll. :-( I did however get our Doll Club's newsletter finished. I have to send it out tomorrow. Still working on Bliss' pattern between the newsletter and running to the post office, Wild Oats and our Perfume shop. Bliss is sitting here on the computer desk watching me and wondering why I'm not finishings her pattern. Tomorrow is another day and Bliss pattern is top priority. I promised her!!

Our club is having Arley Berryhill to teach his Le Femme doll Sept. 16 & 17. Arley is a member of our club Silver Doll-Ers. GUESS WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE PRE WORK DONE. YES, ME!!! NOW HOW DID YOU EVER GUESS THAT!!! LOL LOL!!!
I really should be working on other things instead of writing in my Blog. :-)
On that note I'm going to bed. NITE NITE!!
Love & Hugs

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Kai said...

Oh, I HAVE Arley's La Femme pattern! Now if I can just get good enough on my sewing machine to MAKE it! LOL! What a COOOOOOOL doll club you must have! Waaaah! I'm too far away to go play in YOUR club. And Frannie, you're ALWAYS productive. Even when you don't actually MAKE something for a bit, I bet your mind is working overtime creating! So don't be hard on yourself! Look how gorgeous your dolls are when you DO get ready to physically make them!