Tuesday, September 05, 2006


NOW THAT'S REALLY WEIRD!! The same post posted twice yesterday. MMMMMMMMMMMM!! Wasn't like that when I posted last night. Wonder if this one will post twice. hehehehehehe!!! Maybe today I'll get to work on a doll instead of writing pattern instructions. I also have to do our doll club newsletter that should have been done already. A GIRL'S GOTTA TO WHAT A GIRL'S GOTTA DO!!! :-) Such as life. I still have to go shopping before Ken and I leave on Saturday for Branson, MO. Going to Ken's Marine Reunion. It'll be fun seeing the guys and the wives again. They are fun. Y'all should see the booklet Ken does every year for each of the guys. The reunion is in a different state every year and he does a booklet pretaining to the town that the reunion is in PLUS the Marine stuff he puts in about them. It's really good. Our 12th Anniversary Sept. 11th will be during this time too. SOOOOOOOO, I get to spend my 12th Anniversary with several Marines and their wives. It will be nice with all the fun things Ken has planned for all of us. Maybe we should have him plan a doll conference. :-) I bet he would be good at that too. He loves the dolls. When we owned a little Doll Shop years ago he amazed me at the stuff he new about dolls. All my doll talk and books rubbed off on him. :-)
I better get off here so I can get to work on finishing Bliss' pattern instructions.
Have A Wonderful Day!!!
Love & Hugs


Judi said...

Have a good day then!

Kai said...

Well, if Ken is going to plan a doll conference, I vote for it to be in HOUSTON! Heehee! We have Starbucks all OVER the place here, Little Frannie! C'mon Ken - you KNOW you wanna come to Houston!