Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today I went to Weight Watchers and GUESS WHAT!!!  
YES, I LOST 2.2 lbs.  It's about time I stuck with the diet. 
Made me happy.  

Been cleaning my studio desk out.  GEZZZZZZ! How does one person have so much stuff???? Looks like a Pack Rat lives in my desk.  Seems I'm always cleaning my Studio or/and Studios.   I have more stuff to create with; one would think I would never have to go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Hancock Fabric ever again. 
BUT there is always something I need that I don't have OR maybe can't find.  :-)  

Just wanted to post today.  I haven't posted in a few days.  Life is in the fast lane, seems like anyhow.  Usually is. 

Going to go see what I can find to eat for supper.  I will be good and not eat foods I shouldn't.  :-)  I don't want to put the 2.2 lbs I lost back on.  I want to loose and get down to my goal weight.

Everyone have a great time creating!

P.S. Still no pictures to post yet.  Got to get batteries for my camera.  I will tomorrow.  I have to go shopping tomorrow so batteries are on my list already. :-)

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carla said...

Hi!!!! Yaa!!! Weight watcher has a great program!!!! I need to get back at it!!!! Thanks seeing this I might get back to it!!! Not to mention I love your dolls!!!! Now I can visit for a two in one...Dolls and weight loss hope!!!! Thank You