Tuesday, June 25, 2013


NOPE! Didn't go to Weight Watchers today.  Didn't want to. I just know I put some weight back on after loosing it.  I refuse to get on my scales to see. Will just wait until next Tuesday to weigh in.

Have to go for my yearly blood work on Friday.  Not looking forward to that.  I hate needles!!!  Then July 5th the follow up to have the doctor give me the results. That's my daughter Brandi's birthday. Good Day! Hope the results are good. 

I've been working on stuff for All Dolls Are Art Conference. 
Been one of those days when I can't find what I'm looking for.
Lots done but still lots to do.

I have more art items than any one person should have. LOL!  What makes me think I NEED a Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Hancock Fabric fix. ROL!!!  I have a store right here in my 2 studios I can go shopping in.  BUT! Sometimes I don't have what I need and I HAVE to go shopping for more. SOMETIMES WE NEED MORE ART STUFF RATHER WE DO OR NOT! I really miss my Garage Studio that I had in Las Vegas, NV.  Didn't have any problem finding what I was looking for.  It had lots and lots of room.  I'm not really complaining........:-)  I'm just tired.  My brain hurts from overload !!!

I have so much to do and don't seem to get anything finished.  I guess I can't say that either.  Yes, I can :-)  I have lots and lots to do. BUT! I have finished 6 painting, several dolls and working on lots and lots more stuff.  Like I've said before I'm a Multi Tasker.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't.  I'd like to try and start on one thing and finish it before I move on to another. LOL LOL!!   I think I SHOULD TRY THAT SOON!  TOMORROW I WILL TRY IT!

Everyone Have A Great Day Creating!!

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vivian said...

I was up this week too Fran! but wont be next week. I was up because of the fun I had over the weekend... oh dear!
its all good though.
have a great week