Thursday, June 27, 2013

Desiree wanted her photo put on again.  It's been awhile since she has had her picture on my blog.
You know how these dolls can be. LOL!! Just a little bit of humor. :-)  She's one of my little lady dolls.  I have to make more of them.  They are soooooo much fun to create.  She's the same doll I'm teaching at All Doll Art in Austin EXCEPT the one I'm teaching is dressed different.  All my students will dress their dolls different.  Just the bodies will be the same size, etc. 

Got several men in our back yard taking the old wooden fence down.  We have 3 neighbors and ourselves that have to pay for it.  Weird the way developments work.  It will be nice when it's finished. GEEEEEEZZZ we will see our neighbors back yards now. And they will see ours.  LOL LOL LOL!!!  It's like houses used to be when I lived and grew up in Kentucky.  We didn't have fences around us. 
Everyone Have A Great Day,

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