Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I gained a couple of ounces.  I've been gaining weight each week now for awhile. YES! It's my fault.  I guess I can call myself a STRESS EATER!  GOT it under control now. :-)  I PROMISED MYSELF I WILL KEEP WITH THE WEIGHT WATCHERS PLAN.  I told Weight Watchers person that I am starting as though I just signed up for Weight Watchers.  They liked that. I've had a hard time staying away from the sugar foods. Now my mind is made up that I CAN DO IT & I'M GOING TO DO IT!!

I weigh 160.4 lbs. As Of Yesterday when I weighed in.  I'm going to POST MY WEIGHT each week on my Blog.  This gives me more of a reason to loose my weight.  I want to weigh 128 - 130 lbs. Health wise there is no reason why I can't.  I have to PUSH AWAY FROM THE TABLE OF FOOD!! No Seconds, etc. 

I know I posted before that I'm going to eat right, etc.  I have to get the SUGAR STUFF out of my house or I should say out of my head.

So now ALL KNOWS I'm FAT!! Well, I am. I'm known for telling the Truth.  You know the saying....The Truth Will Sit You Free!!
I have a closet full of small clothing that I can not get into anymore.
Give me time and I WILL get back into those smaller clothing.

OK, I will stop going on about my weight now. Guess I just needed to say it.

Now about my Studios. I should be finished cleaning and putting stuff away by tomorrow. You know things never go the way you want them to. Something always gets in the way and takes up your time. I worked on my studios yesterday and I sure hope I finish them by tomorrow night.

I don't know about you BUT when I have a messy studio I can't find anything (well sometimes I can). I'm going to bag up lots of stuff that I'm not going to use (or think I'm not going to use) and sell it on my sales tables when I teach or do craft shows and/or on my Etsy shop when I put items on it.
Sorry I rambled on and on but Thanks for listening. At least I feel better now. :-)


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Lisa said...

Oh Fran, I'm in your boat too. I woke up this morning feeling like crap and it's time to get on the straight and narrow. Gone are the days when I could eat a whole bag of Milano cookies in one day without these awful consequences... Time to start eating healthy again. I always feel so much better and I really do stop craving sweets after a while.
My craft room is a disaster - I really need to get up there and clean it up!
Good luck on the WW!