Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hello Everyone in Blog Land.  I haven't been a good blogger lately.  Been doing lots of life stuff.  I want to create more dolls, etc etc.  Computer is acting nice right now. SHHHHHH! I know I should not say that.  Tomorrow hopefully the guy will fix this computer and I won't have the problems I have been having. 

Looks like rain moving in on us.  I hope OK doesn't get hit again.  The weather man said storms headed their way again.  I sure hope not.  I send lots of prayers and thoughts to all in OK. Stay safe.  I hope the weather man is wrong.  It's getting darker here but nothing yet. 

Went shopping at Hancock Fabric, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Barns N Nobles.  Went to lunch with my hubby and son Kevin.  Now I'm home. :-) 

Hobby Lobby had this wonderful colorful sofa $1299 marked down to $699.  If I had a place for it I would have bought it. LOL LOL LOL!!  Well, I would have really really thought about it.  OH WELL!!!!   I did buy a set of Chef Salt n Pepper Shakers (very colorful and they fit right in my Red/Black Kitchen.  I have bought lots of chef stuff from Hobby Lobby since we moved here.  I had a red & black kitchen in our Las Vegas house and I HAD TO HAVE my kitchen here in red & black when we left and moved here. 

Got lots of rose bushes planted in our back yard.  Hubby made planter boxes for the rose bushes.  He still has some work to do yet. Makes me HAPPY!  Now if I could get a Humming Bird or several Humming Birds to come to my Humming Bird Feeder. I would be a real Happy Camper. :-)  They might be here but I haven't seen any when I look out the windows.    Really doesn't take much to make me Happy. :-)

Tomorrow the Computer Tech comes to fix my computer.   At least I hope he fixes it.  Although it is acting NICE so far today.  SHHHHHhhhhhhh!  I should not say that out loud.   This would make me REAL HAPPY!! Time will tell.

Love This Door
If I could paint my front door red & black with this cat on my front door I would LOVE IT!!  Living in a HOA stops me from painting it on my front door.  Our back door has glass in it so I can't paint it on that door.  I do have a hallway by my studios, guest bedroom and 2nd bathroom.  Mmmmmm! The bathroom has a door right across from my one studio.  Maybe I could paint the cat on it.  That's a great thought.  I'll run it by my hubby and see what he thinks.  He will probably say, do whatever you want to.  LOL LOL! Good thought I had while posting to my blog.

Better get off here while computer is still being nice.  I don't want to loose this post.

Everyone Have  A Creative Day,

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