Friday, May 31, 2013


WOOOOOHOOOO!!! The men were here and hard wired my computer!  It is lighting fast now.  No more sitting forever waiting for emails, etc etc to come up or being kicked off.  I'm HAPPY!!!   Glad my son & hubby sent their men to fix my computer.  Now, I don't have to sit here forever waiting for emails, etc etc to come up.  I was really sick of my computer. That is why I was not on it a lot lately.  It was a REAL ROYAL PAIN!!  Now it's NICE! :-)

Going to go and finish putting things back in my studio where they belong.  At least having to move stuff out gave me a change to do some cleaning where I couldn't reach.  LOL  After I finish putting stuff where it all belongs I will start creating again. 

Everyone Have A Creative Day

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