Tuesday, April 09, 2013



Hi Everyone,
Seems like the time really does fly by.  It sure has been for me lately.  We bought rose bushes, trees, flowers, humming bird feeder & poles for them to hang on. They hang on the metal poles that the hummer bird feeder hangs on.  Sure hope we get some hummingbirds.  I love watching the hummingbirds.  I MISS the ones we had in Las Vegas, NV.   I could go outside and they would hang around me.  They got used to me while working in the yard with my roses, etc.  I feed them well. :-)  I made my own sugar water and they loved it.  I do miss Las Vegas, NV but I love it here in Wylie, Texas; Dallas area.  It's taking awhile to get the back yard like we want it but it's really looking good. Planted 2 trees, 6 rose bushes and a few other plants.
Just a few more things to do and the back yard will be finished. 

It's really windy here today and supposed to get lots of rain and high winds tomorrow.  They even mentioned Tornadoes.  I hope and pray no Tornadoes. 

WEIGHT WATCHERS!! TODAY! MMmmmmm!! Seems I was bad again this week. Gained!!!  Perhaps it's the mood I'm in and have been in for awhile.  I'm running here and there all the time it seems like.  Have to do this and that INSTEAD of Doing what I want to do the most.  YES! CREATE IN MY STUDIO MORE!!  I REALLY THINK I will get some creating done this week.  WOOHOO!
Nothing like being so far behind on things that it looks like it will take forever to get started.

CREATING:  Got a question for you??? Do you ever get so side tracked that when you do get the time to create, you don't know what to create first?  Well, that is something that goes on in my head.
I usually start on more than one thing at a time.  I know I probably should work on one creation at a time and finish it before I start on another one (it's not me) :-).  Might just try that this week. :-) 

I did finish a couple of pin dolls for a Pin Doll Swap I'm doing.  They are ready to mail. WOOHOO!

Now to start on a doll I started on a week ago.  I'll finish her.  I haven't even put anything on my Etsy Shop yet. :-(   Last time I worked on it I had a hard time saving the pics, etc.  Everything disappeared and I haven't tryed to put anything on it again. 

I haven't even updated my Picturtrail in a long long time.  I have a list of TO DO a mile long. :-)  Hopefully I will have a picture of something I created to post tomorrow. 
We Shall See..........................................................
"Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul" 1996-2013


vivian said...

HI Fran! just wanted to quickly let you know that I have you in the swap! glad you joined!

Lisa said...

I want to see more pictures of your creations and your yard!
Any chance you might come to Tulsa for the Doll Conference in October? :)